Thursday, September 6, 2012

I was there: US Open 2012 with Andy Murray and Milos Raonic [NY]

The players Murray and Raonic get ready

On Labor Day Monday, D and I and a couple of friends caught a game at the US Open at the Arthur Ash Stadium. It was announced that we were suppose to see two games. A Women's double and a men's single game but due to rain, the games were scheduled to play almost at the same time. We didn't know so we missed the Williams sisters playing double which was at Neil Armstrong stadium and watched a game between Milos Raonic (No. 16 in the World) versus Andy Murray (No. 4 World, No. 1 British) and it was very good. Not intense but good.

Two actors were at the game: Alan Rickman and pretty boy Chace Crawford. xo xo where's Gossip girl? ok that was lame.

Alan Rickman came out to support his British peer

D signed up for NY Times web subscription so we got a $50 US Open gift card to spend on site. We got some food and guess what else?
The ball was for D and the keychain for me but since I forgot to bring Totoro, he gets all the goodies...
Oh and of course we find out that you can get the same ball at Wal Mart for like $25. It is $45 there.

Totoro needs a shower
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