Thursday, September 20, 2012

In pictures: The Row sample sale 2012! Get a piece of CFDA awardwinning womenswear! [sample sale nyc 2012]

The Row sample sale, currently being held at Soiffer Haskin from September 20-23rd, is one of the few sample sales I have been to of this size (big!) where there was no chaos and not too stressful to shop. It is probably because there were no major bargains (no $10 tees here) to be found as everything is only 70% off retail. I say only 70% because retail prices on pieces from The Row range starting from what I could find and remember, at $150 (cotton tees and long sleeves) up to $8500 (all leather ostrich skin miniskirt) and up some more. There were nice jackets and blazers, leather trimmed garments as well as full-leather jackets, pants and skirts (few pcs!), silks and gorgeous bandeau tops all resting on well-organized racks. Everything grouped by size and color. Handbags were available in maybe 5 models and are almost untouched. If you were looking for sunglasses at the last sample sale, there are PLENTY here for you to pick from and prices ranged between $100-133 (reg. $335-$442)! Leather temples is a nice touch! You can try them on and then the friendly salesmen give you brand new ones from the back. That's a first because usually you take what you can get. Once you pick one, they will set it aside for you for an hour while you shop some more.

The samples section is where you'll be able to find more interesting pieces of various colors and not just black and white and also maybe find some great bargains. They are marked 1size for most. I was able to spot red full-leather midi skirts for $120 after discount and Claire from WreakHavocNy struck out with a floor lenght full-suede coat for less than $500! I saw some great pieces for under $100 in the samples section but they are rare! Sales team said the sample sizes vary mostly between 2 and 4 but you must try on to make sure. If you're looking for cheap, you won't find it here.

The quality of the cloths is unsurpassable and expected from The Row as most of the material are imported from Italy and made here in the USA. The workmanship is excellent even on most of the sample pieces which made every tailored piece fit so well.

Everything at the sale was well organized and well staffed like many other sample sales held at Soiffer. It was a pleasant shopping experience and I always appreciate dressing rooms as oppose to having to strip down in front of one single mirror with hundreds of other gals.

[Updated]: I went back on the last day (here) when they increased the discount to 90% off and more on many items.

We were about 15-20 people at 8:15 a.m.

The line reached back to the front door 5 minutes before the opening.

All the sunglasses you can pick from. Linda Farrow collabs. 

snake skin belts.

The handbags

Lots of belts

Cashmere sweaters, knits and soft cotton tees and long sleeves are organized by size and color

She could barely hold all her clothes in her arms!

Lace finds and silky blouses

Racks upon racks of just BLACK

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