Saturday, September 8, 2012

In pictures: The Sartorialist book signing at the Danziger Gallery + Garance Doré! [New York]

Happy sigh.

When I get to attend book signing events like this in New York city, I just feel so godamn grateful and lucky to be living here. To meet my favorite photographers/bloggers was really a small dream come true. I thought I was only going to meet Scott but when Garance also showed up, I was so ecstatic (in my head since I tried to remain physically calm). I also wore her Kate Spade bracelet just in case too!

I got both of their autographs and took pics together. I could not have been happier. I'm not sure why I was so happy but maybe because they left me with such a good impression. They were friendly, chatty, smiley and even in a hot and humid crowded room filled with people, they kept their cool and signed each and every book carefully and patiently with a smile (not sure if that's true by the end of the night though). I chatted more with Garance in French which I felt a little bad about afterwards because it was Scott's book signing and I had nothing much to say to him. It's probably because she writes more on her blog so I felt like I knew her better? They seem very down-to-Earth and I have a feeling they made each and every person feel special!

A fellow blogger Devi from 10k10q and I had planned out how we would take each others pictures with Scott and Garance and choreographed the whole thing. I'm so glad she was there!

The last book signing I went to was for Tina Fey (I want to go to there) and that was so impersonal and personalized autographs, no pictures allowed and I don't think she even had the time to look me in the eyes as she had to sign book after book (she was pregnant too!). The venue was ten times bigger than the gallery though and she's basically a movie star. But that was it, even though Tina Fey is super funny on tv and a great writer, I didn't leave that book signing as happy as I did yesterday. It's okay, Grizz Chapman was there that time and let everyone take pictures with him and told us to tweet it. I didn't tweet it because I didn't know how to use Twitter yet.

A bubbly for Scott

The photographs featured in the book

The book cover!

Scott Schuman and Garance Dore

Garance: "That's my bracelet!"

Scott Schuman

Garance Doré



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