Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MY BEAUTY "I need these" LIST [Sephora]

My most basic beauty products I use. I had an eyeliner too but I don't know where it is now.
From left to right: Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, Kevin Aucoin mascara, Dior 5 color eyeshadow and Laura Mercier concealer.

I don't think that I own a lot of beauty products and if you think I do, it is due to an accumulation of all my old makeup which I haven't thrown out in the past few years even after moving from country to country to country. I just dragged that old mascara that I rarely wear around because it smells like roses (Anna Sui's voluminous mascara). I should empty my makeup bag one day and show it to the world and you will laugh! Ok, I do have many current beauty products that are not expired. I buy at most one lipstick every year or two (I bought this Chanel liptsick in May). I buy one tube of mascara per year because that actually runs out or dries to the point I cannot use it anymore. And then I bought this NARS Multiples stick in March to replace this blush I had for a reeeeally long time which I did not throw out yet! I should test it in the lab for fungal growth right?

"6 months shelf life for a mascara? 1 year for foundation? 1 year lipstick.."

I don't follow any of those petty rules but I know I should. I'm still happily using my DIOR 5 couleurs INCOGNITO eyeshadow palette I purchased with my Pharmaprix (equivalent of Duane Reade) points back in Montreal in 2008? Booya!

So the point of this post was to mention that I am running out of my Kiehl's Creme de Corps whipped body buttah and I've gone through two tubs of it for over a year now. I have decided that it is time to move on to better moisturizing things. I dread changes because you always stumble upon undesirables before finding your true love...body lotion. I was visiting Aussie brand Aesop the other day and tried some of their body lotions. They are really expensive but good thing I didn't like the scents so I gladly walked away buuut not before taking a buncha samples with me though. It smells better when it's free! Also, a large bottle of Aesop body lotion is $95 so my little samples are gold.

As your may or may not know, I have become a fan of Josie Maran's Argan oil skincare line and looked to the collection to find that she indeed has whipped body lotion. It is only available online on Sephora.com (I want the free samples!)! Since it is $50 for free shipping, I needed to find $15 more of something to buy. You'd think it was easy but it's not. So what else do I need? Mmmm I need eye lotion! I have been using samples or free eye creams gifted to me over the past few years. In fact, I don't remember the last time I bought eye cream or ever. It is is a high price to pay for just my eyes and I also read that Tyra Banks' mom uses good ol' Vaseline so I thought I could try that too! But I'm almost 30 now so I HAVE to take care of my skin. Josie Maran's eye cream is $65. Is the price justified if it includes 2 types of eye cream? A day and night eye cream. I didn't think I needed two types of eye creams do I? The day time one can help hold your makeup and that could be useful when I wear concealer and it would look blotchy because it is dry...So, do I splurge? It is definitely not the $15 that I wanted to spend to get free shipping and I still have various eye cream samples laying around. hmm

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