Friday, September 28, 2012

Project Pop Up New York City- Of a kind- Story - drinks with White Pike Whiskey [Events]

As we were walking. Like straight out from a Batman movie
First-of- a-kind program! Project Pop Up NYC- at Story. 

The second event of the night was held at Story, a permanent 2000 square foot 'pop-up' store located right by the High Line in Chelsea. Best described on their website: "STORY is a retail space that has the point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery and sells things like a store.Every four to eight weeks, STORY will change out all its merchandise, design, fixtures and reinvent the store around a different story-based theme". Cool, non?

We were there to celebrate with Of A Kind as they were one of the winners of Project Pop-Up NYC which allowed them to sell their goodies at 100% profit in the store alongside other great innovative New York-based businesses including 2 other retailers and 8 technology companies.

of a Kind displaying their merchandise from their online store

These pants from Outlier look comfy as they are very stretchy and guess what? Take a look!

4Season pants from Outlier shed rain and dirt, resists wear and tear.

Made in NYC of course!
Ernest Alexander bag for women!

Does this look cool? RK New York bag curated by Ahalife

One of the treats of the night was not only seeing the merchandises in person, meeting the designers although I think they should have had a name tag or something to let us know who they were but also drinking the free drinks provided by White Pike Whiskey. They offered three types of drinks on the house and the most memorable one for me was the Pickelback shots (A shot of Whiskey followed by pickle brine). Lamso hyped it up for me since she heard about it from a friend so we just had to try one. And let me tell you this, I rarely take straight up alki unless someone tells me that it's absolutely something to try. I have taken shots of pure alcohol (Everclear 95% strength alcohol- warned not to drink it straight) when I was a teenager because someone told me that I should try it at least once in my life. I survived because I was young but if I took that now, I might just pass out and not remember anything.
Anyway, so we took one shot and it hit me almost instantaneously but instead of feeling drunk, it felt almost like a high. It was great and my mouth already missed the taste of pickle brine but I knew I couldn't take another...for now. Usually, when I'm tipsy, I feel tired and sleepy but I felt a high. I told myself that It's got to be really good whiskey. As we were about to leave, we told ourselves that we had to take one last shot before leaving. I thought I would stumble around after that but it went down smoothly and I was tipsy but not sick. We both agreed that it was goddamn good alcohol we just had!

3 drinks: White Derby, Bloody Mary and Pickleback shots!
Yesterday's bad but good idea! Pickleback shots !

Good idea #1

Good idea #2

We then headed to Spice Market for a late din din [to be followed here]

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