Friday, September 14, 2012

nykeiko eats: Totto Ramen is what I wanted for my birthday meal!

Totto ramen chicken broth ramen with porc

For my birthday, D said he would cook a delicious seafood meal for me but I wanted to save him the trouble and eat out. I also wanted to eat ramen but not at any ramen joint, it had to be Totto Ramen..

This place seats only 20 people at a time and there's usually a 30-75 minutes wait but it is worth it. When you arrive, make sure to write your name down on the paper right away and don't wander off too far for too long as they skip people if they are not present when they name call. Always see what the specials appetizers are for the night since it varies every time we visit. If there's Uni Don, order that and get extra wasabi! We always get the chicken broth ramen with porc (or chicken) meat! Get it spicy if you want to add a little kick! They have a new ramen called extra spicy Totto ramen but I didn't dare try it as it was marked with 10 chili peppers.

I think we have tried just about every recommended ramen joints in NY and here are my top choices in order:
1. Santouka at Mitsuwa market. Order the Ikura don! Expect hour long wait during nom nom time.
2. Totto Ramen. No MSG so you can drink up all the broth with no worries. Order the dons, spicy sauce on side, cash only,  skip the porc buns. Expect a wait.
3. Hide-Chan ramen (Totto's sister resto). We like it here because there's rarely any wait time and the ramen is pretty decent. You can choose the richness of your broth and also the firmness of your noodles.
4. Ippudo is the most recommended ramen place by any one or any city guide books out there for NY. That is why it is so popular therefore always expect a wait or just be there 15 minutes before 5 p.m. and there should be no wait.

Here is what I wouldn't recommended amongst the top recommended ramen restos in the city:
Momofuku noodle bar. Just go for the porc buns because $16 a bowl of ramen is not worth it there.

Spicy Tuna don

Very fatty porc buns
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