Monday, September 10, 2012

Under the Mercedes Benz NYFW tents..I am on cloud 9! PART 1

What a weekend I just had!

I feel like I was living in somebody else's shoes these past few days. This year, kicking off with Fashion Night Out to watching not one but TWO live Fashion shows (for some, this is not a big deal since I know some bloggers that attend dozens of shows but remind you this is not my full time job :)  from the tents of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week ..oh and non Fashion Week activities such as book signings of my fav bloggers, finally trying Momofuku's Ssäm bar which has been listed in "The World's 50 Best Restaurants" (I'll try to review it soon!), a BBQ, touring NY Distilling Company, the FredFlare sample sale where I scored $10 Urbanears headphones and checking out artists for 'Go Brooklyn Art', I was in a bubble of fun fun fun.

It is so very unlike me to go out almost every night and not complain about it but when it is doing something new and definitely interesting for me, I eat it all up. Fashion week is like going to a buffet. So many good things to pick from but cannot have it all :) I also forget that I am tired or hungry and don't care much about catching up on my sleep. This is definitely the first time since I've moved to the city that I have immersed myself so fully into Fashion week i.e. attend FNO AND fashion shows at the Lincoln Center. Last year, I was so lucky to attend my friend's fashion show at the Metropolitan Pavilion but my dream was to see a fashion show at the Lincoln Center and here I am trying to process the fact that I did it.

Under the Mercedes Benz Fashion week tents, I felt so out of place and excited at the same time. I tried to absorb it all and could not believe where I was standing as I took pictures and videos of everything I saw. So many godamn fashionable ladies to look out..those bags, those!

Here's a glimpse of the Zang Toi fashion show I attended on September 9 th. My camera could not capture the color of fluffy pink dress she was wearing so instead she looks like a fairy princess of some sort fluttering on the runway. You can still enjoy the music, movement and shape of dress and how it all came together. It was beautiful and I will of course post more pictures soon!

Zang Toi Spring 2013


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