Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Weekend Snapshots [what to do in NY]

In a city like New York, you can step out the door with absolutely no plans but find yourself filling up your day with new sights and sounds.

Fashion week is so passé (see me at the Zang Toi show) and I was going out almost every day that week. This past weekend, like any other weekend, I just wanted to relax with no itinerary. We slept in, ate, walked around, took pictures, had friends over for dinner, people watched..it was a superbish weekend. I had a thought. What if we actually owned a TV. Would we be tempted to snuggle on the couch and watch TV all day like back in the good old days? Probably. My laziness engulfs me. However, without a TV, I've been able to catch up with a couple of my favorite shows such as Breaking Bad and almost catching up with 'So You Think You Can Dance' (I haven't seen ONE elimination round yet! I know, wth!).

On Sunday, I took a free yoga class gifted to me for my birthday (and all other yogis on their birthday) by Sapere Studio. It kicked my butt since I haven't done yoga for a couple of months now. It has been two days and I'm still sore but love it! I wish I could take more classes but they are quite expensive and it is not within my budget so I am happy just sitting at home saving my pennies and getting fat.

A hidden gem in between NYU campuses. Euro feel in the middle of NYC

Blue fish thai basil sandwich from Num Pang. Cambodian inspired sandwiches served up in many variety.

Num Pang has great ratings and we finally got to try it. Dave liked it but I prefer simply Viet style banh mi sandwiches. I have a feeling they don't eat sandwiches like this in Cambodia. I'd be mighty disappointed to arrive in Cambodia and there are no sandwiches in sight.


Imagining The Lowline

Hester Street Fair

This fair used to be bustling. What happened? The vendors look depressed and it was such a beautiful day.

LES stenciling by Nick Walker

Crossing the Williamsburg bridge by foot is a great way to be fatigued

Finally got to check out Brook Farm General store below the W'burg bridge.

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