Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A beautiful mistake: Melted plastic

Plastic melting through metal grid

A plastic bin was not autoclavable. A med student had to learn it the hard way but I'm kinda glad it happened because we got to take these pictures.

I really wanted to submit this piece to the MoMa...

I helped him de-lodge the plastic from the metal grid. We couldn't get all of it all off so we had to melt it again in the autoclave until most of it came off. We first tried to freeze it with liquid nitrogen and scrapped and hammered off the plastic piece by piece. We also tested melting the plastic with some acids we had which was useless and then used a heat gun but that was too weak. The best way was simply to keep melting it off in the autoclave and eventually peel everything off...A day well spent in the lab :)

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