Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Engaged! What's next??

I'm engaged!

A Claire Pettibone dresssource

And now, all I hear are the words like 'wedding' and 'kids' being thrown around. I am usually good at managing stress but I can't tell you how stressful it is not to be thinking of planning a wedding after you get the bling. My answer is mostly "I haven't thought about it yet" and it is all I got. 

Though it may seem that I am not ready to wed, it's not true. I'd like to be married but maybe without a big wedding or any at all? Of course I'd like to have a beautiful wedding and invite all my friends from all around the world but I don't think I can have the wedding of my dreams right now. Not yet. Not until I can save more money. Sure, I can be creative and DIY it all but I'd like it to be elegant and classical. Small and sweet. I'd like it to be as creative as possible but not look tacky and cheap. For this, I need to plan, plan for years and well, I am way behind as I have zero plans right now.

The most important place is a venue and then rest rest will flow...

I daydream of a castle in the South of France where my guests can get crunked on cheap quality wine?

So now I'm thinking. The right venue and the right dress is all I need and everything else will flow...

Then I read about about a Loehmann's bridal dress sale where dresses are under $1000 and I am thinking of checking it out but then I am not ready to face all that bridal action yet. I don't even know if I want a traditional white dress unless it's a Marchesa of course.. 

So I will be still and just enjoy this time with my boyfriance....It's okay I still call him my boyfriend? I like boyfriance actually. 

Maybe I will be inspired one day and the bride in me will naturally emerge?

Actually, no time to think of a wedding. This South America trip we're taking next month is all that is on our mind right now.

My thought process is all over the place as you can see. I apologize.


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