Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fireflies on the Water ... Xmas lights on drugs

Fireflies on the Water by Yayoi Kusama
FINALLY! After three weeks of lazy failed attempts to go see Yayoi Kusama's Fireflies on the Water exhibit at the Whitney Museum, we finally made it! Kusama's entire exhibition at the Whitney actually ended three weeks ago but the room for 'Fireflies On the Water' stayed until October 28th due to its immense popularity.

It is a small room filled with 150 mini light bulbs hanging from the ceiling surrounded by mirrors over a sheet of water and the effect is nothing but magical. Doesn't it look like I used visual effects for my picture? They only allow 1 person in the room at a time (or two if you're with child) for no more or less than 1 minute and there are only 50 spots available per hour. People would line up early in the morning before the museum opened to assure a reserved time ticket for Fireflies and I was told that they usually fill up a couple of hours after museum opening. Those who are lucky to be museum members get to skip the lines for the entrance and the exhibit altogether. Members get reserved spots during normal museum hours and members-only hours before and after opening of the museum. We're lucky to know someone with a member's card and bypassed the long line on a Saturday morning and got a ticket straight through for Fireflies. #win

While inside the room, it was quiet and no movement but yourself in the mirrors. I think it would have been cooler if the room rotated around you or did somehing. Maybe a little bit of music?... or not but I think that would have made it more interesting. I spent the first 30 seconds trying to take two pictures. There was no photography allowed inside the room but if it wasn't for the fact that I have seen other people's amazeball pictures in there, I wouldn't have tried it myself! I also took advantage of the new panorama feature on my iphone!  The best part for me after seeing Fireflies was to be able to capture it in photo ...just look!

Fireflies on the Water by Yayoi Kusama

Just for fun, here you can see a picture a taken with an iphone versus an old arse Blackberry. Can you guess which one was taken on a BB? heehee

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