Monday, October 15, 2012

Hiking in Breakneck Ridge ..rocky rocky- good view- wobbly legs!

At Breakneck Ridge. Beautiful!

Our hiking trip began with an impromptu pit stop at a fantastic green market in Cold Spring with fresh greens, bread, pastries and more. D filled up with TWO corn beef sandwiches, Laurie (she blogs here) had TWO croissants and a fried veggie wrap of some sort which were so fantastic. She bought greens and fruits and basically did her groceries. We ate a bunch and were so ready for our hike up Breakneck Ridge.

Breakneck Ridge is about an hour train or car ride from Manhattan which makes it a very popular destination for city dwellers who crave a little bit of nature in their lives. We did the strenuous 2.8 mile loop which was probably strenuous for the first hour as it was chock full of rocks to  climb the moment we started.  I was not prepared for that but it was do-able. It became easier after we reached the top, if you ever get there. One of the main reasons for the hiking trip was to try and break into my new hiking boots and they did so well. They were so grippy which made climbing the rocks much easier. D's new boots didn't fair so well. They were a little too big which made his descent hell as his toes hit the front of his shoes a lot. Good thing he kept the tags on ;)

After ending our 3 hour hike with wobbly legs, we drove and parked in a nearby parking lot and ate some crackers with hummus and tabouleh and a delicious fresh salad prepared by Laurie. We're so glad she came and came prepared with food! After snacking, we headed straight to Woodbury Commons which was on our way back home. Our main goal was to stop by Colombia Sportswear to get more gears for our trip. We scored and got two waterproof outer shells, one fleece, one long sleeve and one pair of gloves for less than $230. I got a free coupon booklet which helped us get an extra 10% off.  Laurie scored on a running jacket at North Face and a lacey BCBG dress so it wasn't a waste of a trip for her :) I also checked out Yves St Laurent outlet store to survey the prices and found a couple of pieces I've seen in pictures taken at previous YSL sample sales. At the outlet, a wallet I asked about was $290 when it was $50 at the sample sale. They retail at just under $500. Anyway...

We left the outlet just before closing time and had dinner at our usual resto Gam Mee Ok which we stop by to eat whenever we return from our trips passing through Fort Lee New Jersey.

In all, I was glad to meet my bed that night and slept right through the morning...

Laurie scoping the veggies at the farmer's market in Cold Spring
I wish there were more yellow, orange and red but green will do! D matches!
Poke if you like!
Rocks here there everywhere!

The best part was the rocks!

View of the Hudson river

We could have turned back but we went up there after

Bannerman's castle on Pollepel island

Break time. D's new boots were too big so he returned them the next day.
Ox bone soups at Gam Mee Ok
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