Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hiking in Watchung Reservation [what to do in NY...oops NJ]

I think hiking during the Fall time has become one of our faaaavorite activities! When the air is chilly and crisp, it is the most perfect time to hike. You'll definitely get hot while hiking but you won't be uncomfortable because the cool air balances it out to ultimate comfort level. Not sweating profusely like a piglet (do pigs really sweat?) if you were hiking say, in the Summer. And unlike Spring, it is not wet and yucky and smelly. Enough about the weather, this is probably common knowledge right!? But for someone that's rarely outdoorsy like moi, it is good to know!

This October, we been on two short daytime hiking trips already to get ready for our trip down South as I have mentioned many times already. We're now both happy with the shoes we have bought though D is still having some issues with his big toe hurting and we hope to do one last hike before our voyage to Chile/Argentina in less than 3 weeks! Excitement level elevating day by day...

Our last hike, we headed to New Jersey's Watchung Reservation park. D's cousin invited us over for some delicious waffles, eggs, bacon and sausages for breakfast before our hike. That was so great! Then we met up with D's college roomie who lead us through the trails as he grew up around the area and knows the park like the back of his hands. We climbed trees and went up and down hills which gave me a chance to test out my grippy shoes.

Here's Dave being courageous jumping from one tree trunk to another

Dave's friend was our guide and took us off trail which was a lot of fun!

Most delicious caramel apple! So simple and sweet!

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