Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I hope romance never dies...

I thought I was going to a dinner with D's coworkers...
Surprise, we're going on a boat instead!
It was rainy, foggy and cold...
A trip down the Hudson River in a small sailboat..
I was upset at the weather but I knew Dave wanted to be romantic..
He prepared fruits, cheese and crackers in case I was hungry..
He brought Totoro too...
I forgot about the poor weather and enjoyed the ride...
I said "YES" or "I do"...can't remember...

I hope romance never dies..

On our way down

On our way back..

Downtown Manhattan

Can you bring me my fruits?

Manhattan looks like a war zone

Comfy blankets to keep us warm
Captains of the ship

One sail up

Dinner time. Tasting menu at wd 50. Weeee

More pictures to come...
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