Monday, October 1, 2012

In pictures: Hugo Boss Sample sale 2012! It's craayy and a men's, shoe addict and hoarder's paradise!

This is the first sample sale in a while where I didn't arrive an hour early because someone wanted extra sleep and I regret it not pushing that person out of bed. I didn't have any expectations for this sale and was not interested in attending at all but went anyway for D since he likes Hugo's button down shirts for work.

When we arrived at 9:30 a.m., the line was pretty long already but manageable. When I saw people come out with bag loads of goodies, I got a little bit nervous. We got in maybe 25 minutes later and it was a mad house but because there were more men than women it seemed, it was sort of civilized? But not really better. We were handed large garbage bags to stuff our findings before entering the space. We saw people with bags filled to the top already so it was clear that the prices were going to be amazing!! We had to act quickly! I directed D to the men's shirts section and I went to survey the sale.

Just before it was our turn to enter, a man carried TWO full garbage filled with just BAGS and it was evident that he cleared out  the table where men's 'leather and canvas' were meant to be. They were priced at $45 and $85.  I skimmed through the belts which were only $20  (I bought D a Hugo Boss leather belt last year at $100 at the store) and tried to find what I could before people were taking them off the rack one by one and into their bags. I didn't see anything but since I saw some pretty agressive shopping going on, I skipped trying to find something for D and went to see what the women's section had to offer. The shoe section seemed to have been ransacked but I still managed to find many pairs of 37 (the oh so common size 37). At these prices- flats were $30, Heels/Sandals $60, Sneakers were $40 (?)) Booties were (?)- my interest was peaked. I think the shoes were so worth it! I saw many 'Made in Italy' shoes and most were Hugo Boss' Orange brand but I found these amazing leather and mohair heels from 'Hugo Boss' (not Boss by Hugo Boss) for $60. I grabbed it. I also grabbed some flats and another pair of black heels from Boss by Hugo Boss all in my size! There were various types of shoes and they were ALL beautiful in my opinion especially with the attractive price tag. I wished they restocked the shoes but one sales guy just stood there staring at me fumbling around.  All the leather bags by the shoe section on the table were GONE and so I proceeded to the women's clothing ($40 for blouses and $30 for jerseys, $40 skirts) and outerwear (Ranged $50-$185). I wasn't interested in buying more clothes so I skimmed through and found a fuscia pink top for my mommy. More prices on clothing available in my pictures. There were just too many varieties of everything!

When I went back into the men's section to look for D, the poor thing only had one shirt in his hand and a pair of suede loafers that he knew was probably too big for him but he didn't want to let go. He was flustered by the hoarders who took everything. As some shoes were getting restocked, they were taken away from him right beneath his fingertips. These guys were just putting pairs after pairs of shoes in their bag without trying them on or anything. It's very frustrating! There were lots of size 10 shoes left though, I checked.

So I guess that confirms that there is some restocking at the sale but if the sale continued with these hoarders, there would be nothing left at all. There was one men's black leather belt hanging lonesome by the time we left, which was an hour later, on one of the racks I took a picture of when it was full (see below).

The men's ties were $25 and the selection wasn't too shabby  I saw many nice ones. I was thinking of all the men in my life I can gift them to but I don't have any one that would need them. My dad's retired and won't need them and it would be too weird to get one for my boss. They were all silk and 'Made in Italy' and at that price, I wanted some ties for myself! Scarves were being picked through and some men's cashmere scarves were only $20! D doesn't like scarves and I have too many (argh, such as waste no?).  Money clips and keychains were $10 but they were all gone. Wallets were gone and there were some hats and gloves left for $20 or whatever...mostly picked through. I saw a lot of  dress shoes and outerwear for men. For once, what a good sample sale for men!

Checkout was quick and easy and don't forget to grab a $5 candle!

I'm not sure if D liked his experience or not but at least he got two shirts out of it so it wasn't a complete lost but now, he wished he came out with a pair of shoes after seeing my loot :( Next time we'll just have to wake up ON TIME right?

For those going to the sale the next few days, I hope there is restocking for you guys!

Another Hugo Boss sale is coming up but will not be held at the Boss headquarters and showroom and since it's at Soiffer Haskin, the prices will not beat what is going on for the next 4 days when the Hugo Boss sales ends on October 4th.

From MUG:
"Another sale at Soiffer Haskin Showroom, 317 W. 33rd [8th/9th] 718.747.1656: Men's clothing, shoes, and accessories by Hugo Boss, plus a limited selection of same for women. Oct 6-7. 9-6, Oct 8-9, 9-7, Oct 10, 9-5. CC only, no strollers, no kids under 12."

9:30 a.m. line

Swanky show offices


Lots of scarves at first..

All skirts were $40

Women's clothing selection was so BLAH

Not worth it

MAybe worth it but I didn't look

Women's belts were less popular

Men's sneakers $40 before hoarders got to them. 

Flats were $30

Heels and strappies were $60 (Made in Italy or Spain!)


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  1. I picked up the cutest flowy skirt at last year's fall sale but I'm reluctant to trek out again. It looks like by the time I'd go tomorrow, anything nice would be gone. Also, not a lot of flowy, patterned skirts from what I can see in the pictures. :(

    1. I was not impressed with the women's clothing selections but I'm just thinking that I was too late even though I was able to shop within the first hour after opening of the sale. No pretty skirts from what I saw!

  2. Are you going to share what you got? There is a strategy to shopping sample sales that give you garbage bags. Basically you take anything and everything that catches your eye and throw in the bag. If you're not sure about your size I usually take what I think I am and a size up. Same thing goes for shoes, I'm so jealous that is amazing prices for shoes. Once you're done you're rounds find a calm corner and sort through your bag and decide what to keep and what to toss.
    Maybe double bag cuz one time I ended up with a hole at the bottom cuz of the dragging.

    1. There was not enough stock for me to do that and D didn't know better. He's a newbie!