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nykeiko eats: Our wd~50 13-course tasting menu on October 9

I hope "romance never dies" continued.

Sesame crackers

Dave took me to wd~50 after our mini sailboat trip down the Hudson which made me very excited despite being close to bedtime hehe. We had a 9:30 pm reservation. We have wanted to try this place for a very long time so I am sure it was a treat for D just as much as it was for me. It was a great choice of a restaurant to celebrate :)

The chef, Wylie Dufresne, was formerly the sous chef at Jean Georges and in 1999 became the chef at 71 Clinton Fresh Food.The pastry chef, Malcolm Livingston II, previously worked at Le Cirque and Per Se. He was then hired as pastry sous chef at wd~50 in May of 2009, becoming pastry chef in January of 2011.

There were two types of tasting menu offered that night. One was called "From the Vault" featuring popular dishes from the past and the other was a 13 course tasting menu featuring new dishes. There is also an option for you to order dishes from the menu as well but only if you sit at the bar. There was an extensive wine list but we wanted some cocktails as they are highly reviewed and praised according to D. I decided to try the 'Pink Panther' as it contained some Champagne since it was time for us to celebrate. We both had the drink. I must say that I am very embarrassed to admit that I could not finish ONE dish from the tasting menu which was the Root beer ribs. Something about the sweetness, I could not swallow it down. I also blame the fact that it was past 11 p.m. already and I was very sleepy. I would have definitely appreciated the entire meal much more if I didn't want my bed so much. I felt so bad. I surprised myself when I couldn't swallow one of the last dishes and probably disgusted our waitress. I enjoyed the rest of the 3 desserts though..

It's a 13 courses so prepare your scrolling fingers because here goes....

We ordered Pink Panther cockail as it contained Vodka and Champagne and it was time to celebrate!
The menu

1. Nigiri, Salsify, seaweed, sesame: The rice was compact but I loved the texture

2. Lobster Roe, Charred lemon, Green Grape, Coriander-Brown butter. Lobster was gooood.

3. Pho Gras. Pho and foie gras terrine.

The foie gras terrine was very tasty.

Thyme infused oil

4. Amaro Yolk, Chicken confit, peas and carrots. The carrot was my least favorite.

5. Veal brisket, Za'atar, plum and mustard. YUM!

6. Crab toast, Saffron, Kaffir yogour, Arare: Fresh crab was so good. Not sure about the toast.

7. Snapper, Squash, Cherry, Juniper and Cous Cous. The fish was very nice!

8. Squab, Tomato hummus, Pickled Turnips, Tzatziki.

9. Root Beer Ribs, Rye Spaetzle, Apricot. I think I'm the only person in Wd50 history who could not swallow this dish.
It probably tasted good but I was just SOOOO sleepy and tired and didn't want to chew anymore.

No cell phones allowed.

10. Jasmine, Cucumber, Honeydew, Chartreuse. The mixture of everything was fantastic!

11.Yuzu Milk ice, Hazelnut, Jackfruit, Basil. I was too sleepy to remember this one.

12. S'mores, Bitter cocoa, Meringue, Black currant. VERY RICH CHOCOLATE!

13. White Chocolate, Gjetost. Very nice!

Ready to sleep and poor. Thanks baby. xx
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