Monday, October 22, 2012

Keiko wears: At the Met Opera- Il Travatore [what to do in NYC]

Il Travatore

Il Travatore is a sad one but memorable. The story had revenge, love, hate, regret, a tad bit of happiness but mostly not an uplifting one. The duets between the two lovers was romanticism at its best but it is no Romeo and Juliet. I would recommend this Opera! I went to see Il Travatore without reading the story except at less than 2 minutes before the start of the show when Naoto was surprised I didn't even bother reading. It is highly recommended to read the synopsis to an Opera or else you will probably have trouble following the store.

The cast of Il Travatore on Saturday October 20 2012

Since we got seats in the Orchestra section, I decided to dress up a little while my friend decided jeans and tshirt was his suit which is cool. I saw women in full-on gowns which made me feel like I didn't try so hard.
I did not have time to grab dinner before the show because I napped for 3 hours right before heading out. I needed something in my tummy during intermission or else I would have not been able to enjoy the rest of the Opera. At the Met, they soldl artisanal sandwiches around $12-14 each. Since we got the tickets for $25, I stayed in stingy mode and ran across the street to the Duane Reade for $6 egg sandwiches. I end up treating my friend and paid more than what I would get at the Met but it's better that way as it was dinner for 2 and he was the one that got the Opera tickets.

Top: The Row
Skirt: 100% silk by The Row
Blazer: Wilfred. I wear this whenever I want to be warm but look dressy!
Shoes: Jil Sander
Bag: m0851

I can't help but mention that the total cost of my outfit is not what you would expect! Those Jil Sander shoes are newly purchased for $40 (retails at $790!) and The Row items were purchased at this sample sale! heehee.

I love this Paparazzi shot!

All Photos by Naoto Kitamura.
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