Thursday, October 4, 2012

My new shoes: Hugo Boss Black and Black staples [can't go wrong with Black]

What has happened to me?

From rarely buying more than two pairs of shoes per year, I end up buying three pairs in one day! These sample sales are going to ruin me! I got these at the recent NY Hugo Boss sample sale in Chelsea.

$60 a pop, not too shabby!

BUT, I get to now throw away two pairs of shoes that I haven't been wearing but kept for 'just in case'. These black handmade vegan pumps from 'Terra Plana' which I got on sale for $75. I remember how comfortable they were at the store but once I wore them out in real life, they were a nightmare but I did not want to give up on them because they were the perfect black shoes with the right height and shape. However, sometimes, you can't compromise forever. I have tried countless measures to be able to keep them on my feet. They always fit fine for the first 5 minutes (which is why I got them at the store in the first place) but then as my feet begin to slip closer to the toe cap, the heel tab begins to slide off every 2 steps I take. I've worn them out to maybe 4 different events and bought heel cushions, sole cushions and heel slippers to prevent my shoes from slipping off but the cushions made the shoes fit too tightly and painful to wear after only about an hour. I also threw away my brown strappy sandal I bought two years ago in Taiwan where the soles peeled off and I glued back a couple of times. They were also slightly too big but I wore anyway because I conquer my buyer's remorse. 3 - 2 shoes = 1 gain.

I kinda regret not getting other colors than black but I think these will go with lots of outfits obviously. The BOSS pumps are actually a little too big and I hope sole cushions will fix that or else, it's the same story all over again!

I love the pony hair on the shoes!
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