Monday, October 1, 2012

My seeing Twin shadow at Music Hall of Williamsburg

George Lewis Jr. of Twin Shadow begins the show with an acoustic

Thanks to Mico, I was able to see Twin Shadow's sold out show this past Friday at Music Hall of Williamsburg. It's the first time I see their show and absolutely enjoyed it. Niki & the Dove from Sweden opened the show and I liked their song 'Tomorrow' very much that I paid $0.99 to download it! Yay!  Her voice was reminiscent of Lykke Li but not to be compared of course! The crowd loved her and George even made a little cameo in one of her songs..he just couldn't wait to come out and play I guess. Twin Shadow opened with 'The One' where he was solo and it was hawt! I got excited when he played Golden Light because Mico introduced me to it when he told me about the show. They rocked the house with their finale song during their Encore which was a cover of 'Under Pressure' by Queen!

I don't know what else to say about the show but that seeing all the balloons drop on the crowd was kind of magical!

Apparently he doesn't like Boston...
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