Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sample sale: David Yurman sample sale 2012

I had a chillaxing Sunday after a semi intense Saturday (hiking & shopping at Woodbury, not too shabby).

After an afternoon nap, a visit to the laundromat, I decided to hop on the L and take a peak at the David Yurman sample sale 30 minutes before closing time hoping to find some last minute deals but mostly to check out the offerings. I've never had any interests in David Yurman pieces but I know a few bloggers and friends that do. RackedNy wrote a review about the sale here. Unfortunately, there weren't any crazy additional discounts. I was told they moved a couple of pieces to the 60% off section and you get an additional 15% off at checkout.

At 30-40-50 and 60% off retail price, the David Yurman sample sale isn't worth it unless the pieces you've desired are at the sale. I thought the pieces in the special priced merchandise had the most interesting prices. Some rings were $500 but there were Figaro chain bracelets and necklaces running between $150-$250 (+15% off) for small and large chains respectively.

Special priced merchandise
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