Thursday, October 25, 2012

Snapshots: 3rd floor of Opening Ceremony in NY [Soho]

Finally visited the Opening Ceremony shop in Soho. I read about the store in many many blogs and magazines and apparently I am way behind as it is a fashionista heaven.

Turns out I couldn't take any pictures but I got these before I was warned! There was three floors full of avant garde clothing but what stood out for me were the accessories. The jewelry lines, the bags, belts and shoes!

Display dedicated to Proenza Schouler bags

PS1, PS11, P.S. I want.
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  1. everything in there is so sexy...drool....
    expensive though, right?

  2. That above comment was me, btw. apparently i had to set up a separate Blogger account with my Google login :(
    btw im blogging too! but it's more for my career interests...

    1. I had followed it since you put it on fb! Good job!

  3. Love this pics! I want every sigle thing :))