Tuesday, October 23, 2012

YSL Sample Sale NYC October 2012

I waited and waited like everyone else this morning...about 200-300 people already there!

Taken after the crack of dawn at 7 a.m. 3/4 of 33rd street taken up! 

No pictures of what is inside the sale because camera phones were not allowed which I took seriously this time because I was waiting too long to take a chance of being turned back.

I arrived at 7 a.m. sharp, got in at 12:15 pm and left at around 12:45 p.m. I left empty handed but not by choice. I was hoping to get some accessories but nothing worthy was left. I knew that going in since I asked someone coming out about the wallet selections. "No more wallets" I was told. Bummed but then why not get myself a pair of the legendary Tributes for $350?

When we got in, I went to peek at the shoes first. There were about 20-30 pairs of size 37s NOT including the ones hogged by other girls trying them on and making it work or the misplaced ones. No boots left. I then went to the bags section where there was one full row with two tables stacked with bags going between $200-600. Nothing there tickled my fancy. There was a cobalt blue nylon duffle bag that was decent and the rest of the patent leather, canvas bags were unwanted stuff I'm sure. Then I groggily marched to the jewelry/accessories section to the right of the room. Ugly rings that looked cheap were not worth even worth the $75 price tag I thought. "There was so much more last time (sale)" I overhead. A few worthy jewelry pieces were left but they were priced at $200. Sunglasses were $75 but I was not interested. I then went to skim through the clothes. Not interested. Then I went to the men's section to check out the stock since my new line friend told me there were some great deals for $50 as he showed me some of his findings. I went to the $50 section for women and crappy shorts, skirts and black pants were there. Uninterested once again.  I returned to the shoe section to see what has been placed back and marvel at the nice shoes in sizes 38 and up that were absent from the size 37 shoe racks. I thought about maybe getting them in 38 and wearing super padded soles maybe? Finally, I gave up and left the sale. I overheard some girls showing each other their finds but without any enthusiasm. "Look at these garbage I found".

For me, it was not worth the hype or wait. Maybe go back on the last day for last minute discounts and get some 'YSL' totes which were priced at $200-$300.

I thought this sale was going to be fun and live up to its hype and so I lost a couple of hours of sleep for it buuuut I guess I should have known better! Oh well! Feelings seem mutual with other shoppers. If you can't make it to be one of the first groups to enter a sample sale, just leave!

[Update: I went back on the last day and scored on some Ready To Wear. Click here.]


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