Thursday, November 8, 2012

Breezee! The view from up there [Bear Mountain]

Bear Mountain: Yellow to red beauty

I am traveling to Chile and Argentina for 20 days and trekking and hiking will cover half of our trip's itinerary. Hiking across Torres Del Paine and glaciers is going to be oh so awesome! So, I leave you off with some pictures from my last hiking trip in NY during the last week of October in Bear Mountain, NY. If you are surprised to see me venture into the "wilderness" so many times already these past few weeks, I am too.  This new rugged me is only temporary I think. We'll see what happens after the trip and during next hiking "season". Oh, we also went to the museum, did some Korean resto eating, Oktoberfest and shopping too, all in one day!

After seeing Kusama's Fireflies on the Water at Whitney museum, we drove to Fort Lee in NJ for a big hardy lunch. We went to So Kong Dong which is popular for their ribs and soft tofu soups-the only two but, delicious things on their menu. We digested the meal by making a quick stop at a scenic overlook off the NJ Palissades highway. 

The view from up here: Scenic view off the Palissades

Must take a closer look down...

Short ribs $15

Spicy seafood tofu soup $9

We then set out on our hiking journey up in Bear Mountain to hike the Perkins Tower trail which is a 3.9 mile challenging loop up and down the mountain. You can drive up there but climbing there is a much more rewarding experience! There was some steep rock climbing upwards and a more pleasant stroll downwards by taking the the Appalachian trail. The Appalachian trail is known to be the third longest marked hiking trail in America. We arrived to Bear Mountains in a timely matter but to our dismay, the parking lots were rapidly filling up and crowds swarmed to attend the last weekend of the annual Bear Mountain Oktoberfest festival held by Hession Lake. Word of advice, if you want a nice quiet stroll, do not go during Oktoberfest :) We decided we would check out the festival after our hike. A nice cold beer after hours of trekking didn't sound so bad but when we finished our hike, all we wanted was food! We enjoyed some German potato salad, a large pretzel and an all-dressed waffle. Although we were tired from the hike, a trip to Woodbury Commons which was on our way home was our next destination solely to return a shirt from Colombia purchased three weeks ago. Our friend who joined us for hiking had never been to Woodbury and so he was excited to check it out. So it was my duty as a friend to accompany him :) Instead of one hour, we shopped until closing time. Poor D, he had no interest in shopping and after looking at a couple of stores, he went back to the car to nap while monetary damage was done but not by me kinda. Naoto wanted to shop all the good Italian brands Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Bottega, Dolce and I complied.

The view from up there: Bear Mountain

The Appalachian trail by Perkins Tower

Appalachian trail were easy peezy to walk

Oktoberfest treat! All-dressed waffles!

Oktobertfest pretzel and potato salad

Woodbury Commons

Only that small bag is mine :)

All photos by me or Naoto Kitamura!
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