Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Insta pics Brooklyn Flea November 4 2012

As everyone's lives began to return to somewhat normal with the return of power, hot showers and less body odor, we also returned to our beloved Brooklyn Flea on Sunday to support the local businesses :)

After enduring 3 days of a heck of commute to work, I did not want to go anywhere on Saturday.  I just wanted to sleep in and not wake up at 5 in the morning anymore. I napped and ate all sorts of leftover junk food including popcorn, caramel apple, Lays chips, chocolates and whatever I can find in the cabinets. D was not around so I was able to do whatever I wanted without any judgment! I was waiting for him to come back home from Atlantic City where he was helping his parents out with their flooded basement. I read Smorgasburg was on that day but decided that staying home was the better choice. D returned later that evening, we had dinner and fell asleep late at night.

On Sunday,  we decided to lunch it at the Brooklyn Flea by the waterfront...I was craving some grilled cheese so I was happy to see the grill cheese stand make it out to Williamsburg post storm!

Triple cheese grilled cheese sandwich $7.25

Fungi pizza from Pizza Moto! $12

Typesetter letters $2 each

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