Thursday, November 8, 2012

Most dreadful packing situation for a nature loving fashionista...

I am leaving tmorrow and I haven't been able to blog anything as I had been so extremely busy at work plus after a long commute back home, all I want to do is sleep! Today was my last day at work before my vaca and it just hit 10 p.m. and I have to..gasp..PACK!  It is already a big challenge for me to pack lightly for a weekend getaway although I have been really good on my last few trips with a small size suit case, but now, I have to pack for a 3 week long trip where we will be going to different cities doing different activities in different temperatures. So how the hell am I suppose to pack everything in an oversized school bag? Lots of sacrifices shall be done...

This bag will fit my life for 3 weeks

Not only will my bag be comprised mostly of hiking gears but I have to sacrifice a few outfits that I would want to wear in Buenos Aires so that I don't have to carry all of it while backpacking for 6 days across Torres del Paine. So, even if I wish to wear this dress and those heels in Buenos Aires, I cannot imagine having to carry all that stuff I won't be needing for my hike. We have to carry food and sleeping bags too!

Blah! I have to wear this stuff for 2 weeks!

For backpacking, I have the essentials down to these few items:

This will carry me over during our stops in Torres Del Paines (Chile), Puerto Madryn (Argentina) and El Calafete (Argentina) but when we arrive in the modern buzzling city of Buenos Aires, nothing will give me more pleasure than to  ditch all that hiking gear for a cute dress.

-1 Smartwool long sleeve
-1 legging
-1 midweight underpants
-1 midweight long sleeve
-3 Smartwool socks
-2 top pants (one waterproof).
-1 pair of boots
-1 pair of gloves
-1 fleece
-1 top waterproof top jacket
-2 pairs of undies

Packing it

Argh, and what about the beauty essentials? No perfume or makeup for sure and everything will have to fit in travel size bottles and containers. I have a couple of things I would like to bring but may not due to weight/space. Everything has to be accounted for because even if a tube of mascara may weigh nothing at all, the total of all my stuff will become substantial when I will be walking distances in miles per day.

Beauty essentials:

3-Eye liner?

I figure, as long as the eyes look less tired so will the rest of my face?

Skin care essentials where most will be in small travel containers.
-Cetaphil face cleanser
-Laura Mercier face scrub (i have a feeling removing all sorts of dead skin from my face will keep me looking glowy during my many days of trekking between the windy mountains).
-Nivea or Rosebud salve (For dry skin).
-Occitane spray toner
-Josie Maran SPF 40 for face (full bottle because it will be used profusely daily)
-Josie Maran SPF 30 for body (full bottle?)

While I am still stuck with not quite sure what I will bring for the last 6 days in Buenos Aires, it will have to be airy light and easy to wash. No purses, accessories nor jewelries...not even THE ring :)
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