Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Black diamonds are cooler than white diamonds! [Mociun + Of a Kind edition]

Mociun Black Diamond earrings for

Earrings by Mociun for Of a Kind.

I missed out on Mociun's first edition for Of A Kind but I like these ones better! I have been looking for another pair of earrings to wear day and night to adorn my 3 empty ear piercings but that would also compliment my solitaires. The subtle edginess of the black diamonds is not the only thing I about these precious gems. I like the shape, the asymmetry and the quality. Made in NYC with 10-karat gold plus three black diamonds. What more can I say?

Visit Mociun's store in Williamsburg and fall in love with all the home accesories, ceramics, brass jewelry, sculptures and of course her jewelry line. It is rare to find artists working with full gold or silver because it is too expensive but sometimes it is just worth it because gold-filled do not last forever like I once thought. Oh, she makes custom jewelries too so you can order yourself a one-of-a-kind piece.

Mociun Black Diamond earrings for
Mociun mismatched earrings are way cooler than matching ones!
I spotted this cute turquoise and diamonds pair at the store and can't stop thinking about them.
Mociun mismatched earrings

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