Sunday, December 2, 2012

Clearly yours

Phillip Lim's 2 in 1 31 minute bag

How do you guys feel about clear bags or clutches? Do you mind that everyone can see what you have stashed in your bag tampon included? No, of course not. This is why Phillip Lim's 2 in 1 31 minute bag worked for most where there was a clutch inside the bag so you can put your most private things. By the way, this bag is already so passé as it is already on sale on certain online retailers including on 3.1 Phillip Lim.

I'm asking because I have this one clear clutch sitting in my closet with no where to go. I just can't trim the content of my purse to fit my crap in there (I always carry band aids, kleenex, creams, lip balm, NO receipts though...) AND think about what I don't want strangers to see. Maybe I can do a DIY with this Jil Sander clutch by crazy gluing a smaller clutch in there. Nonetheless, I think clear bags are great as makeup bags or for traveling as you can quickly find something at a quick glance.

Jil Sander Navy clear clutch -
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  1. Great if you can limit yourself to only a phone, wallet, and stick of lipstick... otherwise it's like an invasion of privacy. I always feel awkward when I see someone with a transparent clutch/bag and they have a plethora of random stuff. It's almost like the "stuff" is telling me that it's rude for me to even be looking.

    Last time they were all the rage was what almost 15 years ago? (15 year cycle?)Then it would've been impossible to get around with only three items in my bag. Now - totally doable.