Sunday, December 9, 2012

nykeiko eats: Authentic Thai at POK POK NY. You must try this!!

POK POK NY. Our dishes for 2

This past Friday, it was me and Dave's 3rd year anniversary. It's an anniversary that not only celebrates our first date and kiss :) but it is the day when I first visited him in New York before I ever decided to move here ...3 months later. Happy 3!

Since we just came back from a long vacation down in South America, we felt like we were celebrating together the whole way. This past Friday, we didn't feel like we needed to DO anything more special to celebrate because I personally feel we celebrate it EVERY day. It's true. But that wasn't going to stop us from going out to have a nice dinner together and it did not have to be a fancy place. Good food is what is most important after all and the decor is only a bonus. We could have gone to a hole-in-the-wall for all I care but Dave picked this highly raved about Thai restaurant called 'Pok Pok Ny'. I am sure some of you have heard about it right? I personally never heard much about it except through Dave but I quickly learned that it is highly raved about as it has been featured in several food websites, blogs, magazines and also featured on the Food Network. The restaurant is originally from Portland and their second one is in New York and doing just as well.

As we sat down and took a glance at the menu, we wanted to order as much as our two stomachs could handle. We ordered 5 dishes which probably was too much but we did not care. I have a tendency to always over-order anyway. Everything on the menu sounded so authentic and exotic and I wanted to try as much as possible even though we could come back another day. The desserts were suppose to be heavenly as well but we didn't follow the 'leave room for dessert' principle and missed out.

Here is what we tried and I'd recommend everything but what stood out was the pork belly curry, the pork neck dish and also the chopped duck skin and liver dish! I usually can handle a spicy dish but the minced pork dish we could not finish without being able to enjoy the other stuff. We did not have any beer but should have. They a variety of beer and alcohol to choose from to pair with their salty spicy dishes.

Ze drink menu for Pok Pok NY

Pork neck dish with crispy cold vegetables
Pork belly curry hot pot

Side of veggies. That round thing is Chinese Eggplant which I've never tasted before!

Papaya salad (spicy!)

This tongue numbing spicy minced pork dish

Duck skin and liver dish

A house specialty drink

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