Monday, December 10, 2012

In pictures: Vera Wang bridal sample sale [December 2012 NYC sample sale]...where my dreams did not come true!

[Update] No line this morning on December 11 2012.

I just came back from the VIP preview sample sale for Vera Wang and I was there to report on my findings but most importantly, possibly find me my dream Vera Wang dress? Well, it's many girls dream dress. Okay, so right off the bat, I didn't find my dream dress (as my wedding dress could be blue or red and not necessarily white) but whenever someone did at the sale, it would be announced and there would be some cheers for the lucky bride to be. I had a budget going in which was $1000 (normally $800. no, $500. no..$200? I don't really know) and at 85% off the gowns, I was hopeful to find something I'd like at a good price. Well, finding a wedding dress under $1000 was difficult but not impossible. I tried on about 5-6 dresses which is a lot more than what I tried at the Marchesa sale last week. You can find many evening gowns or bridesmaid dresses under $1000 though. There were some gorgeous dresses and some that were still there after two years for a reason. The dresses were not organized by size which I thought sucked but forced you to look through every dress on every rack. The prices were written with a Sharpie on the label or directly inside the dress, classy!

The most expensive dresses I saw were at $3500. One of them was this super beautiful lace dress my friend tried on and owned it. It looked like it was made for her. Minimal alterations I'm sure. Unfortunately, she did not get it to the dismay of all the sales people who saw her in the dress [Update: she went back and bought it!]. Another girl can pick it up as her dream dress I guess because it was gorgeous! It retailed at $16,000 we were told so at $3500 it was a bargain! The cheapest dress I saw was $500 which I tried on and did not belong to me. I made the mistake of trying on what I thought was my size, size 4 or 6 but really, I was an 8 in Vera Wang. Go big!

I was told all the dresses were out for the sale. Beware of the stains, rips and holes. No more hiding in the back. Shoes were $40 and hair accessories were $5. There was 8 pairs of shoes and they were mostly all in ivory/white. Some were dirty but I saw two satin ones in bags in size 41. The accessories were long gone. There was a whole rack of veils and they were plentiful and I didn't see anyone try on the veils.

Here are some dresses on the racks and what that stood out for me.

Vera Wang sample sale dresses

Vera Wang sample sale: I like the bottom not the top

Vera Wang sample sale: This one is $1800

This one is $1200

This one is $2500, orig $12,900 as written on tag

She loved it, I loved it, everyone loved this lace piece. $3500

All the samples were out and about

Another shot of the lace dress $3500

Vera Wang sample sale

Vera Wang sample sale

This pink one was interesting

$3000 delicious puff

Hair accessories $5

Here are some filtered shots to somewhat make the dresses more flattering and more "magical" as that was totally absent in the dressing rooms.

Vera Wang sample sale

Vera Wang sample sale

Did not fit in this puffy number $1200

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  1. I love that you were hunting for your perfect wedding dress at sample sales. The regular prices for these gowns can be ridiculous. I feel like you could get a beautiful white dress from a boutique or department store for an affordable price as long as it didn't have the word "wedding" associated with it.

  2. It's too bad the last dress didn't fit because I think it looks really pretty from the front. Your friend's dress is gorgeous too!

  3. Can I ask how much is the pink one? The one with the caption "This pink one was interesting". Thanks.

    1. Sorry! I didn't take note of the cost on that dress! I would say $2000 and up.

  4. You are amazing to have this detailed report. Do you know by any chance how many sample sales Vera Wang has per year?

    1. Hi Yi Lu, This was my first Vera Wang sale, but if you follow Sample Sally, I believe it's annual! It varies on stock per year as well..some sales that usually do bi-annual cancel one sometimes..!