Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's good to be back in New York! New earrings and a haircut [Alexis Bittar sample sale]

Alexis Bittar 'Miss Havisham' earrings -

A good day today. I'm quickly back into my New York state of body. I had a jewelry making class (made cluster earrings and a chunky necklace) in the afternoon from 1 to 2:30 p.m. and then quickly slipping out to make a hair appointment at 3 pm at Arrojo studio! I actually saw Nick Arrojo himself cutting hair and marveled at what a $500 haircut would look like as I was getting my hair cut by my perky level 1 stylist. I am a total fan of Nick Arrojo when I used to watch TLC's 'What not to wear'. He made everyone's hair look totally amazing which helped make the transformation for the lucky victims of the makeover totally shocking!

My haircut lasted 2 hours and since the Rag and Bone sample sale was on my way home, I decided to check that out. However, on my way to the Rag and Bone sample sale, I spotted the Alexis Bittar sale going on 14th street and 8th avenue. It was the last day of the sale and there was a sign outside the door stating an additional 20% off all sale items which caught my attention. There was a crowd inside the small space and a short line of 5 people so I thought it might be worth a look. I was there anyway!

Pieces lingered between $50-$100 but I saw some wood bangles at $3, cheap white plastic bangles at $5-$15-$30 varying by size, pins at $30, earrings between $50-100, lots of Swarowski encrusted bangles, precious stone necklaces and then some chunky necklaces going for 50% off. I was looking for big earrings for future cocktail party nights that I do not know when I would be attending. I finally picked these rhodium metal Swarowski crystal-encrusted loop earrings. I had seen them before this ONE time I actually entered an 'Alexis Bittar' store on Madison Avenue maybe two years ago? and liked them. They normally retail for $175 (currently 50% off on Nordstrom) and they were $60 at the sample sale ($75 plus an additional 20% off). Not a super bargain. I like the encrusted spikes along with the crystal. I like that they are made of rhodium which makes the earrings extra shiny. I think I will wear them for a New Year's Eve party which I momentarily have no plans for. They are really sparkly which would look so nice with my hair down. Oh and I picked up a $3 +20% off wood bangle because, why not? I can use it for a DIY or something!

Alexis Bittar wood bangle -

So I was never a big fan of Alexis Bittar's jewelry but from time to time, there will be a piece or two that will catch my eye. He creates many styles of chunky rings or big statement necklaces with unconventional shapes and adorns them with all types of semi precious stones. Alexis Bittar's jewelry was first recognized by New York's Guggenheim Museum and the Museum of Modern Art and is now sold to many major retailers. To me, most of the jewelries remind me of costume jewelry but with better material and shinier material used of course.

I then went to the Rag and Bone sample sale going on at Chelsea Market and bought...nothing! The sample sale is notoriously not cheap anyway. I always wanted a blazer of theirs but at $250, it is not a bargain at all. I had my eyes on the men's Italian wool scarves but decided not to buy anything. I left the sale and picked up a bottle of $12.99 Riesling at the market and came home to cook dinner. I was actually starving and had no patience to shop. I had eaten nothing at all day except a bowl of cereal and expired eggs before stepping out.

Ah, it is good to be back in New York.

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