Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some post-Christmas shopping...

Anthropologie haul -

I went to do some post-Christmas shopping this weekend and guess what, I bought NO clothes! Crayzay.

On Sunday, I had a couple of stores in mind. I went to Soho's Aritzia, Maje, Madewell, Uniqlo, Bloomingdale's bathroom and Anthropologie. I wanted to check out Opening Ceremony (70% off) amongst other stores but the coldness and hunger impeded my spree. I think the real discounts is when stores hit over 70% off but most stores I visited only had 30-50% off. I tend to go a little crazy when the sale section at Anthropologie goes on sale i.e. extra 30% off sale items post Christmas. Sometimes they do 50% extra off sale items but you're left with the undesired bunch. I bought over 13 items almost all under $7-10. It is a great place to stock up on small gifts or get something for yourself. The candles on sale usually smell weird but this year, the holiday candles were surprisingly pleasant and I got a few. The only candle I got and was not sure about is the 'Frosted Maple' one. It was only $7 so I decided to give it a try and think of sugar shacks in Quebec when I burn it! The other two candles were also under $10 and scented: Oakmoss +Sandalwood, Earthy musk + Sparkling citrus. Both hand-poured soy candles! I usually pay lots more for these. I got some recipe cards which I think I will give along with Birthday cards or something to share some of my favorite recipes. That's a good idea right?! I got charms to make keychains or necklaces and other knick knacks for gift stuffers like these cute Arctic push pins and memopad. I got a big bottle of hand made bath salts for $10 (orig. $32) which I cannot wait to use when it gets warmer. All natural with no harsh chemicals so I can soak for as long as I want! Earlier this year, I broke this huge bottle of bath mineral powder from Sabon and was kind of bummed about it because I had only used 4 scoops from the $24 bottle. I didn't buy a new one since.

My favorite purchase at Anthropologie is this solid perfume made by creators of Le Labo in collaboration with Anthropologie. Le Labo is a New York based company which hand manufactures their perfumes using high quality fragrances. The scent is called 'Bouquet Blanc' and smells just like roses. Once I am done with the perfume, I can use the heavy metal container to put delicate jewelries or other keepsakes. Love it! I like to carry around solid perfumes to travel because it won't leak and there is no risk of confiscation if I have it in my carry-on!
It was on sale for $6.96 (orig. $28).

Grasse Le Labo New York + Anthropologie -

Gold plated charms Anthropologie -

Anthropologie Hand poured soy candles capri blue

Recipe cards Anthropologie

Barr Co. Handmade bath salts numbered and signed

And last, I also passed by Bloomies to use the bathroom but then ended up looking around the cosmetic section and got the only thing that was on sale which was this Laura Mercier bath and body Fresh fig set at 40% off. It was $36 after discount. The set is valued at approximately $87.  The body wash alone is $36. I have always wanted to try Laura Mercier's highly-reviewed body cream soufflé and body scrubs but the full size 12 oz. bottles are $55 for the soufflé and $46 for the scrub so I never went for it. The body cream and scrub in the gift set are half sizes so it's not a full commitment if I get sick of the scent which is a little on the sweet side. Right now, with the Winter dryness, my body is absorbing anything I can give it and I'm using double the amount of cream than normal.

Laura Mercier Body and Bath Fresh Fig set

NYE tomorrow!!!

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