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Shameless display of my 2012 holiday wishlist [luxe version]


I don't get too excited about Christmas except for the great holiday deals on stuff I don't really need. Also seeing people being generally happier because of shorter work hours, holiday parties filled with booze and food and receiving lots of gifts or little or none (like me!) makes me happy too.

Since many bloggers shamelessly compile a holiday wish list for all their readers (and family and friends?) to read, so will I! I have no hopes of receiving anything from this list because I made sure it was generally unaffordable and even my best of friends would not want to buy for me.

Here's my holiday wishlist from 2010.  I didn't really get anything from that list except a new winter parka and Dave got the ipad2 which I don't really play with it proving that I didn't really want it in the first place. I am still generally happy without those things except missing my parents from time to time. I thought I also wrote a list for 2011 but I can't find it so I guess not.

Here goes my 2012  holiday wishlist!

1- A gift certificate for a spa day at the Mandarin hotel in NY. My boss got one once as a birthday gift from the department and I thought it was so girly but a man can indulge right? I checked the website to see what my $10 was contributing to and at up to $950 USD for some spa treatments, it looks like going there can change your life! What I really want is a 2 hour massage followed by a facial while simultaneously getting a deep foot massage. Oooh yes baby! I'd like this to be a couples' massage so I won't feel too guilty swimming in indulgence by myself.

2-Delicious, long burning, naturally scented candles from Diptyque, Jo Malone, Voluspa, ...Yes I already have some luxe candles but they eventually burn out...after 60 hours! Oh, what about this $600 candle?
Diptyque Baies candles

3-Now that I'm engaged, I have to start thinking about this thing called wedding. So what I wish for is a wedding planner with excellent, sophisticated taste that will find me my venue, my flowers, my decors, my emcee, my DJ, even my dress and dealing with relatives? teehee.

4-A large PS11 Proenza Schouler bag. The metal hardware with the inverted studs makes this bag a modern but classical item which I like a lot. This bag comes in all sorts of color. I liked it in oxblood or dark blue but black is..well black! I think the PS11 has been my 'it' bag for a while since it made me forget about the PS1 which I find does not suit my age anymore. Yikes! Did I just say that?  It is a simple design and the hardware , not too flashy and seems large enough to fit my everyday supplies. I like.

Photo via Tuula

5-A new faster, thinner, prettier laptop or computer ie. Macbook air or iMac. My Macbook was purchased in 2005 (exchanged in 2007 because of repairs). Shall I say more?

6-An Equipment blouse. Because $200 for a silk blouse, I must think twice about but if it were a gift, I would love one! Actually, the silk blouses from Everlane at $80 are a great alternative although Equipment is equipped with tons of color and pattern choices.  But since I like it clean and simple, Everlane just might do it for me and I would like the one in Navy and Light Grey.

Image via Everlane

7- It is Winter and a good quality soft cashmere sweater is desired. I like the $50 cashmere sweater I got from Uniqlo but it's still slightly itchy making me doubt that it is 100% cashmere. At that price, it's probably low grade cashmere somehow mass-produced in China. What are good cashmere sweaters out there?

Chinti & Parker for Goop
8-Rich luxurious body creams that are thick and leave my body soft without too much chemicals. $5 jar of Nivea?  I wish it was scented with natural essential oils or something. But hey, this is my wish list so why not a $220 jar of La Mer body creme?

9-A thick and heavy but soft throw for our couch. I never really like lying on our couch because there is lack of something soft.  How about this faux fur throw from Restoration Hardware? Not expensive enough? A real fur throw then!

10- I would usually end my list with some type of shoes, watch or jewelry. Like a Louboutin or something. Or I can wish for a timeless watch like a Cartier tank. But this year, I got the one and only thing that's more beautiful and more valuable than any of that. My beautiful engagement ring. Bling. I'm still shy about showing off my ring so I cropped it. I adore the diamond Dave carefully picked (or jeweler picked) which he had beautifully set on an intricate hand-engraved Tacori wedding band. He choose the whole thing allll by himself (proudly saying it). Zooming in makes diamond appear larger than it really is.

You see why I need a good moisturizing cream! Tacori wedding band -

11-Usually stopping at 10 is good enough but I want to ask for more. Well, this is something money can't buy and a true wish. I will ask that for 2013 and forward, people close to me such as my family and friends, lover and myself to stay healthy and happy. Really. I really do wish for health. Without health, you cannot be yourself and you cannot be fully happy. When one person suffers, everyone around him/her suffers too. Therefore this wish is a selfish one because if someone close to me is sick, it affects my happiness too and I don't want that. Eat healthy, sleep well, drink water, exercise and laugh!

From the top of my head, this is my 2012 holiday wish list. Is it too unreasonable? ;) Maybe just the free wedding planner right? But that would be a good one because as of now, I have no desire to plan anything :)

Happy holidays xxx

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