Monday, December 3, 2012

Snow white..I am not.

Tomato face

Googling "Natural whitening tips" and you will find main ingredients such as milk, honey, flour, lemon or lime and tomato. I read something like: Rub tomato and lime juice on face for 20 minutes twice a day for 15-20 days. Since I'm lazy, I rub only tomato on my face for 2 minutes, leave the juice on my face for 20 and hope to be snow white like the day I was born.

I got very tanned during our Chile trip and even though it sounds great, I had no desire to be a gazillion times darker. Knowing that my tans usually remain for more than a year on my body makes me worry that the darkness on my forehead will not fade away any time soon. I slathered SPF 40 sun lotion for face topped with another layer of SPF 30 for body. I don't know whether this Josie Maran organic sunscreen simply is not good enough or the UV down in Chile was too powerful. I have a feeling my LaRoche sun block for sun intolerant people would have done a better job. Yes having a tan is wonderful but I worry about sun spots in the long run because I am prone to them as an Asian. But for now, this new darkness means that I cannot wear ANY of my current lighter concealer nor foundation. I tried putting concealer under my eyes before going out yesterday and I got raccoon eyes. Cute but not the point. Therefore I want to quickly lighten up my skin without any chemicals and so, trying this tomato thing is my best bet. Any other advice?

You can't really tell from the picture. You have to look carefully to see where my sleeves protected half of the back of my hands and where my ring was sitting.

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