Monday, December 10, 2012

Swing Swing! Revive your inner child at the Ann Hamilton exhibit "The Event of a Thread"

Ann Hamilton's "The Event of a Thread"

Ann Hamilton's exhibit "The Event of a Thread" is currently open now through January 6th 2013 at the Park Avenue Armory. We were able to attend the exhibit for free on Saturday and as we entered the hall, we can hear laughter and giggles from people happily swinging on the big plank swings. It put a smile on my face. Many people showed up that Saturday to swing around or veg underneath the giant white cloth while "listening" (more like chatting with each other) to the radios wrapped in paper bags broadcasted by the readers.
I suggest you bring a pal or two to take fun pictures of you swinging up and high. High speed camera would be better to capture you in action. Try not to knock anyone out in the process. I almost knocked out a kid but it was obviously her fault...


Actors reading poetry or texts from great authors such as Aristotle or Charles Darwin.

These healthy looking plump pigeons are meant to be released at the end of each day but they were not ready when we visited as they need more time and "training".

Live pigeons are part of the exhibit-do not know how I feel about that as some looked very stressed out

Sounds of giggles and laughter fill the space

Curtains move up and down reminiscent of a big sail boat in the wind powered by the swinging audience.
See short video I took below.

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  1. Now that looks like a fun exhibit! None of this no touchy touchy
    SWING away :)