Sunday, December 16, 2012

T'was a week before Christmas...

The weekend kicked off on Friday with a holiday work party slash housewarming party at my boss' new condo. What a great Manhattan apartment to-die-for on the 18th floor overlooking Central Park. There were about 40 people and it did not feel too crowded even with all the kids running around. My favorite kid that night ate, napped and ate some more. A king!

Saturday was meant for some holiday gifts shopping. Christmas holiday shopping for me means ...procrastination. I got one secret santa gift out of the way... more or less because I came home and bought it online and hope it will arrive on time. I also ordered this personalized memory game online for my nephew which was guaranteed to arrive before Christmas. Yay. Instead of shopping for gifts, I checked out the Opening Ceremony sample sale on Saturday hoping to score some Proenza Schouler goodies but was disappointed by the sale. It was day 2 and probably all the good stuff was gone but I thought the men's selection was better in terms of casual wear because as usual, Opening Ceremony things for gals are a little too avant-garde for my everyday wear. So, I got myself a cozy men's large sized Opening Ceremony tartan plaid sweater which I love, a men's belt from N. Hoolywood 1/2 Mister Hollywood from Japan and some random $1 Sanrio cell phone charms to give to Dave's little cousins. They don't have cellphones but kids will find good use for them. Then I went to Chinatown to join Dave for some won ton noodles which he has been craving forever and then to REI to find something for my secret Santa giftee who is outdoorsy. Finally on our way back home, we realized that we had forgotten about the 3rd ward holiday craft fair and had an hour before closing to get there. Good thing it was only a 10 minutes walk. We have been attending the fair over the past three years looking for some unique handmade goods but each year, we end up buying nothing. I like seeing all the crafts and talking to the artists and also finding creative gifts so I don't know why I never buy anything. The artists are probably charged a leg to rent a booth and they also need to cloth and feed themselves so I should support them and purchase something next time. Maybe a $49 wood ipad holder? Wait, I do not own an ipad.

Nap time for Ren after stuffing his face at my work holiday party

Tsumori Chisato with raffia Hawaiian palmtree

Opening Ceremony

Rodarte for Opening Ceremony-$150

Sanrio surprise egg toys

3rd ward vending machine! Pocky!

3rd ward holiday craft fair

3 rd ward-

and on Sunday, I did absolutely NOTHING at all and it was great! Oh, except going out to eat with Dave's familia! Something like this was on the table...

Giant oysters with black bean sauce

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