Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How often do you....

Oye vey!
I have been so busy at work and coming home later than usual (forcing Dave to cook three days in a row!) that I have been neglecting my blog and I don't like it one bit. I miss you my bloggie poo. hehe

La recoleta in Buenos Aires wearing some short shorts

So speaking of being too busy to... Here's a dose of TMI. Did you know the last time I waxed my legs was exactly on November 21st 2012? It's the first day we arrived in the city of Buenos Aires and the only thing I had to wear other than my hiking pants and leggings (which I absolutely did not want to wear anymore after living in it for two weeks) were my denim shorts and floral shorts. Since I did not have time to wax my legs before leaving for the trip, my legs resembled a pair of cactus and I could not show my bare legs in public even though I knew no one gave a darn about it. So, the first thing I did in Buenos Aires was to (eat steak) find a beauty salon and get my fuzzy legs waxed. I found a salon that did it for about 8 USD. It was so quick. She literally poured waxed on one entire side of my leg and PEELED the entire thing off all at once. It took her 5 to 6 rips to get it done! There was barely any pain, though my pain tolerance is sky high but I did panic a little when I saw the amount of waxed she was going to butter on my leg and pull off at once.

Anyway, I am curious to know, how often do you guys wax or shave your legs and underarms? I am in a stable relationship but it's really no excuse not to commit to an important beauty routine even if it's Winter time and no short shorts are in sight!

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