Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm in love but it doesn't make me pro-V day!

I have nothing against Valentine's day but I have nothing FOR Valentine's day neither but since heart shaped decors and boxed chocolates are now pushed to storefronts, it's a subject I cannot avoid and I will write something about Vday! Food and clothes related bien sûre!

So, these jujube candies are the perfect sweet treats for my tummy and also for my single friends that may or may not be serenaded this coming Valentine's Day.

Sugarfina's anti-Valentine's giftset

Sugarfina anti V day giftset $16

And.... I always heart anything with a heart on it!

Chinti and Parker cashmere sweater (So expensive!)
Chinti and Parker Love heart intarsia cashmere sweater

Madewell's heart sleeve sweater (sold out!)

Madewell heart sleeve sweater

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