Sunday, January 13, 2013

Party girl.. I am no longer...

Hi! How was your weekend?

I did absolutely nothing! I know I have said that before but this is the first time in a long, long, long (never?) time have I stayed home on both Saturday and Sunday doing cat-like snoozing, college student feasting and movie-buff recreation. I watched over 7 films! I think I needed this. I had some plans for both Saturday and Sunday but I decided I would just stay home and vege(table).  It was all great to catch up on some movies I have wanted to see. I watched stupid LOL movies such as 'For a good time, call..' and touchy romantic films like 'Celeste and Jesse'. Also, have you guys seen 'Rust and Bone'? I highly recommend it! It also was Golden Globe nominated as I found out tonight when I streamed the award show. Other no brainer movies I watched: 'That's my Boy', 'What's your number?', 'Captain America', 'Hot Fuzz' and I rewatched 'The Dark Knight'.  

I also wanted to work on our mini travel guide blog post for Chile and a video but I kinda slacked off on those projects. Oh wells! There's a lot going on at work lately and I really need to take advantage of my weekend. Party girl I am no longer. I think...just takes a great big boost for me to go out but when I do, I always manage to have a great time!

This was me on New Year's Eve day

This was me on New Year's Eve day walking down 27th street. We had decided to leave the comfort of our friend's Manhattan apartment to attempt getting a glimpse of the Times Square Ball before it dropped at midnight. We knew it was an impossible task which made it more fun. There was a fair amount of alcohol in my system which helped keep me warm (70% alcohol rum shots anyone?). Streets surrounding Times Square were already blocked hours before for crowd control so we end up returning to the apartment which was the best thing to do anyway on NYE.  I did a lot of screaming and produced very annoying sounds from a noise maker I bargained for $1. I might have embarrassed my boyfriend and friends but hopefully alcohol made my screaming obscenities more tolerable. I regret nothing as it was an exhilarating night since I rarely go out anymore.

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