Thursday, January 24, 2013

Project NYC: Men's, Unisex Clothing galore!

I had the opportunity to check out this year's Project NYC trade show in Hell's kitchen featuring mostly men, unisex clothing and stuff for girls to ask their boyfriends "Can I borrow thissss?" styles. Vendors came from all around the globe including ones we have met from France, England, Japan, Canada, Amsterdam and many American cities. I went on the first day which happened to be on MLK day. A friend of mine came all the way from Montreal to check out the offerings and invited me as her guest. She is excited about opening up a small boutique in Montreal's Mile-End selling vintage as well as new garments handpicked by her. It is a labor of love and it will do great and for those who do not live in Montreal, you will be able to purchase from 'Hendrix & Cash' when it goes online. Meanwhile, you can keep yourself updated over here.

Here are some pictures from booths where I actually stopped and chatted with the vendors. So many great stuff out there for men but really, would look good on us gals too! It was fun meeting vendors, sales reps, artists, founders and CEO of the clothing companies at Project. I enjoyed hearing the stories behind the clothes and the makers!

More special features to come! (See 3x1, Bucketfeet and WeWOOD)

Project NY - A zombie walks... haha


Aren't these lovely? -French brand Espartine 

Plaid is always "in"
Row upon row of men's shirts
WeWood- 100% natural wood watches
I just lost two metrocards in January alone..this would be so useful.

3X1 denim jeans

Our Montreal friends Dom Rebel were also hustling their gear

our fave piece at Bickley and Mitchell

Bickley + Mitchell

Insubordinate labs - "Born in England, Made in USA"

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  1. very cute snood! btw were those buckfeet vans expensive? i miss my vans that my old landlord accidentally donated :(

    - Wendy

    1. They are only $65 and they look mighty comfy!