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Project NYC feature #2: Raaja Nemani. Bucketfeet. Artist designed shoes.

Bucketfeet: Current and new styles
PROJECT NYC feature #2. Meet Bucketfeet. High up on the cool factor scale because they collaborate with talented artists from all over the world they think deserve more attention and share their art with you in the form of a comfy footwear! These shoes are made in the same factories where Vans and Converse are born but with better design for added comfort. It's true! Raaja removed the soles for me to feel them and I pinched and squished the shoes all around and I agree. Each shoebox comes with more detailed information about the artists so you can get to know them a little bit better and learn the story behind your shoes! That could be a cool icebreaker at a about your shoes! Each design has a story which is not something you can do with other shoes out there am I right??

3 Q for Raaja Nemani, co-founder and CEO of Bucketfeet. Becketfeet is all about the artists and the shoes and I wanted to know more about them through Raaja.

Photo: Raaja Nemani @Raajanemani

You have met so many artists from all over the planet whom you mentioned are mostly unknown but super talented individuals. Which artist would you personally love to see grow? 

I'd love to see Inkheart grow!  He's an artist from London, who's story is actually very similar to my co-Founder Aaron's. He customizes all sorts of products with his art and we came across his work early on in this business. Working with him embodies what we are trying to do ... which is taking projects people have on a smaller scale, and giving them the platform to do the same thing on a much larger scale and touch more people around the world.

2. If you had to pick ONE pair of shoes to live with forever, which design would you pick? Basically, which one is your favorite pair/artist.

It seems like my favorite pairs is always changing because every artist has their own unique style.  Depending on my mood for the day, I like to wear different things. Right now, my favorite pair is the Fisticuffs by Christian Andersen, a really young but crazy talented artist from Denmark. I'm actually wearing them right now while visiting NYC.

3. Every shoe has a story (the artist), which one has touched you the most?

Benny Diar's story is one of the most powerful. Benny is the artist behind the Boxcars. Benny was a rising graffiti artist known for his train cars in the bay area. He painted train cars because that way his art could be seen all over the US. Benny was unfortunately in a bad car accident and is now paralyzed from the neck down. He tells us the reason he was excited to work with us was because by painting on shoes, his art could actually travel the world. The craziest thing, Benny did the Boxcar print using a paintbrush with his mouth!

Bonus 4.These shoes are like art pieces. What's the best way to keep these shoes as good as new for as long as possible? What's the best way to care for them?

Every pair definitely is like a piece of art, and that's why we spent a lot of time on nice packaging and giving everyone a canvas bag with their shoes to protect them. That said, art doesn't travel to new places unless you wear the shoes, so we encourage people to get out there as much as possible.  Not to mention BucketFeet are super comfortable, so they're meant for travel and adventure.  We recommend hand cleaning with a wet towel, but you can absolutely throw them in the washing machine (remove the insole first).  Always air dry!

Thanks Raaja! Follow Raaja on Twitter @rajaanemani and his partner @Aaronfuegostein together @bucketfeet

Shoes in the middle by Karo Akpokiere (Nigeria).On the right: Dj Lu (Bogota)

I like these ones!

Two in focus:  Left: Christian Andersen (Odense). Right: Pez (Barcelona) - Bucketfeet

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