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Project NYC feature #1: Scott Morrison. 3x1 Made Here. 3 questions.

My PROJECT NYC feature #1. 3x1 Made Here. 

Some of you denim connoisseurs might already be familiar with the 3x1 brand since they are worn by celebrities and sold at major department stores.

Project NYC: 3x1

Scott Morrison, the man behind 3x1Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn was on location at PROJECT NYC explaining the whole process of 3x1 denims to interested buyers or curious passer-bys like myself. As I approached the booth, Scott politely asked if I would like to hear about the product and since the name 3x1 sounded familiar I thought why not! (It was actually featured in my February InStyle magazine...).  I didn't know who Scott was at first and thought he was just a very passionate sales rep who loves and knows the product really well. Well, being proud of what your company represents will do that to ya. He jauntily introduced a couple of styles and told us about some future directions of 3x1.

At their Soho store on Mercer Street, they sell three types of products. There's the Ready to Wear collection where customers can pop in and pick up a pair of jeans and go. There is also custom-made jeans where you can pick a fit, style, denim (over 135 denims from Japan, Italy, Turkey and more!), pockets and buttons etc. and finally, Bespoke is a complete custom fit to the individual clients personal needs and it will be digitized so that the customer can order the same fit in the future without having to retake measurements! How cool is that? It does come with a hefty price tag but sometimes, finding the right pair of jeans that fits and shows off your best ASSets is worth every penny!

I love the concept of locally made products but having the possibility to see your jeans made in front of your eyes from start to finish? That's something else!  I was sold and wanted to check out the store myself this weekend!

Project NYC: 3x1

3X1 distressed denim jeans
Japanese denim

3 Qs for Scott Morrison...

Photo: Scott Morrison @imadethisblue

1. If you could own only ONE pair of jeans and had to make it custom at 3x1, how would you make it? ie. style, fit, cloth, pockets, buttons etc! 

Right now, I'd probably make a pair of M3's with my own back pocket design: SM-1, and using Kurabo's XX60 denim (a 13oz. Greencaste 100% cotton selvedge which has long been my favorite), as well as Egyptian Topaz/Honey Threads, a couple of hidden coin pockets, skinny 2 row belt loops and White hand-painted enamel buttons.

2. What's the longest time you have gone without washing your denim? 

LOL  I've got lots of pairs that have never been washed, but usually I like to wear a pair from RAW and wash them after 6-7 months of pretty repetitious wearing.  I hand wash, in a bathtub (using our 3x1 Denim Solution) and then rinse with cold water, finally rolling between two towels to remove most of the excess water.  Once I'm finished I'll hang them up let them dry, and usually wear them again that next morning to make sure they haven't forgotten me.

3. I think the concept of the store is great and many companies should do the same. What other type of clothing would you see this happen for in the future? Custom shoes, skirt, ties, bags?  

Thanks so much.  I love the idea of companies making things locally, showcasing manufacturing, process, quality and doing it all with some integrity.  I am also aware that it's incredibly expensive, and at times difficult to manage as there's so much detail involved in making a custom or bespoke product.  That being said, I think Nike is doing a pretty inspiring job on the footwear side, (check out Nike 21 on Mercer), but more than anything - the concept of making things slowly, with extra effort, all  within the context of individualization, is not a new one.  It is however one that seems to be dying as everything in recent years has been focused on quick to market, inexpensive, trendy products that speak less about their quality and more about their disposability.  Call me old fashioned, but I love the idea that things worth buying, are things worth keeping. 

Scott Morrison : 3x1 Made Here :
3x1 -15 Mercer Street, NY 10013

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