Monday, January 28, 2013

The weekend à la Keiko snapshots [Bushwick, Kiki de Montparnasse, Alexander Wang, Chanel]

Some of these pictures already popped up on instagram and some not...

This week, Dave and I watched the entire first season of Girls plus the last two episodes of Season 2. Watching the show with banana pudding is super indulgence. I thought I was forcing Dave to watch a show about girls but I know he's into it when he asks me: "Can we watch Girls yet? not because I like it" (in an unconvincing tone of voice).

Friday + Magnolia's Banana pudding + Girls
After we finished the last episode of Girls which is mostly filmed in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood, we were motivated to conquer the cold and explore deeper into East Williamsburg on Saturday afternoon in -12 degree celsius temperature. We ventured into Bushwick (Girls is filmed mostly in Greenpoint though) in search of new shops or cafes that may have sprouted since we last explored the area more than a year ago. There seems to be lots of new bars and cafes but still a quiet neighborhood which is very different than Bedford Ave. We only walked from Jeffersen subway stop toward Morgan station since it was too cold to explore too much. We stumbled into 'Shops at the Loom' on Flushing ave and there, we snacked on a delicious (or we were just hungry) buttery croissant sandwich with prosciutto snack at Kave Espresso Bar. The decor was quite cool and a guy playing the piano definitely was not expected but since this place is also used as an event space, it's not a surprise. We visited one of L Train Vintage train thrift shop called Urban Jungle Vintage , Mary Meyer clothing shop (jewelry and vintage!), bought a NY state Riesling at a local wine shop and then we drank a cup of hot chocolate at 'Fine and Raw' chocolate's factory to warm ourselves up. I always see Fine & Raw chocolates being sold at Brooklyn flea or fairs but never knew their store front was in Bushwick. I don't really like their chocolates though. Too raw and bitter for me! When we passed by Roberta's and there was no line up, I was tempted to get a slice of pizza but didn't because we had supper ready at home! I was also craving some sushi but somehow, we didn't find Momo Sushi shack. Maybe we were too preoccupied looking down stearing away from the icey sidewalks or it just wasn't open yet. 

Shops at the Loom.

Fine and Raw cafe in Bushwick

Fine and Raw hot chocolate. Not too sweet, not too bitter. Just right.
Place your hand here. Have a stranger place hand here. Love it. Now find a stranger.
On Sunday, I had some errands to run in Soho. First, I had to return a Christmas gift at Old Navy, get some waxing action at Soho Nail (still my go-to place for quick and cheap waxing) and then check out three sales I have wanted to do during the week day but did not have the time. First the Scoop Warehouse sale, Kiki de Montparnasse "sample" sale, and Ava Maria's closing sale. I bought something at all three sales which made Dave really wary about my shopping habits but I know 100% of girls out there will understand why I made these purchases and men will just never, ever really comprehend what "scoring" really means...except for the other definition of "scoring" in their brains. BUT I SEE HIS POINT AND I WILL TRY MY BEST NOT TO "SCORE" ANYMORE FOR 2013! (He's reading this right now :)

Scoop Warehouse sale -Soho
T by Alexander Wang with sheer slit. Scoop warehouse sale. $84 (orig. $295)
Ava Maria closing sale
Ava Maria sale. Chanel strappy two-tone satin heels. $150. (orig. $590)

Jimmy Choo vs Manalo Blahnik. Both $150.
Leather-free Stella McCartney $100 but they pinched me. 

Ava Maria closing sale. $150 Repettos.

Ava Maria closing sale. Price marked as is.
Kiki de Montparnasse sample sale was a bust but I picked up this again as gifts.
Kiki de Montparnasse sample sale. These were 80% off $75.

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