Friday, January 4, 2013

The weekend à la Keiko

Have a good weekend! Do you have any plans?

We just received a new iMac so I think we'll be having a lot of fun playing with that the whole weekend. To be more physical, maybe I want to make it to the Trump ice rink in Central Park if it is not too cold nor crowded. I don't know why New York ice rinks are always so goddamn crowded (..ahum tourists) so it's pretty annoying because then the "ice polices" become super anal and don't let you do anything on the ice other than skate straight (in a circle) so you're not allowed to take pictures, go backwards, do ice princess tricks or whatever your little heart desires.

Other than that, I also want to check out this Shoe-Inn sale going on in the Garment district and see if I can score some Frye boots for $50!
Oh, I also have to work on a presentation for next week but I am really not disciplined at home at all. There's just so many distractions. I always want to watch a movie, redecorate, clean, snack non-stop, clean out ONE piece from my closet, do my nails or go itch to do something in the city if it is nice out....ah, procrastination.

Hope this weekend will be productive!

Oh yes, I went to Gotham Comedy club last night to support my friend Dan Ramos who opened for Rex Navarette. He did so well! I think it is such a brave thing to go up on stage and attempt to make people LOL.

Gotham Comedy Club New York

Comedian Dan Ramos at Gotham Comedy Club

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