Wednesday, January 23, 2013

nykeiko eats: Williamsburg eats- Pâtes et traditions ~ Southern France cuisine [eat NYC]

Sultan Savory crepe - Pâtes et Traditions

If you want to find a place to brunch or dine in Williamsburg and don't want to spend a fortune or simply craving French crepe, I recommend Pâtes et Traditions! This small cozy eatary is always bustling with hungry eaters and a long wait is inevitable so we never got a chance to try it on Sunday when the wait was miraculously only 10 minutes.  They serve traditional South of France dishes which I'm not really sure what exactly that is. I was most interested NOT in their crepes, but their pâtés platter and delicious looking mixed green salad (I love salads). However, they did not serve the pâté platter for brunch but the waiter was nice enough to ask the kitchen staff if they can prepare it for me which totally made my day. I used to eat pâtés all the time back in Montreal so to me, it's like comfort food which is makes me smile. On top of the pâté plate, I got a large Niçoise salad with hard boiled egg, tuna and anchovies as proteins and Dave got the Sultan savory crepe which had chicken, bacon, cumin, cream, swiss, onions, garlic and mint! It was yummy! I actually didn't enjoy my salad because they used canned tuna but I manage to finish it all. I really should have tried their crepes since it is their speciality and all their savory crepes which comes with salad were $9 during brunch time! My pâté platter was $14 and salad was $12. I don't think I made the cheapest choices!
They also serve sweet crepes which I'd like to try some day to appease my sweet tooth.

Pâtes et Traditions brunch menu

Pates et traditions - pâté plate $14
Porc pâté  

Chicken pâté

Porc rillette and mustard

Sultan crepe 

Niçoise salad $12

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