Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Diptyque sample sale haul 2013 [NYC sample sale]

The time around, the Diptyque sample sale was heavily covered in detail by Sample Sally and RackedNy so all I need to do is show you guys what I got right? Last year, I had a sad haul but this year was a different story...

[Update: My 2014 haul]

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Did you know Mackage makes bags now? [Coterie International Fashion exhibit 2013]


My beloved Mackage brand has quit ready-to-wear and ventured into handbags! I had no idea! It is not even on their website. I liked what I saw today. The purses look so feminine, modern and well-made. Excited to see more!

Mackage purse

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

A weekend in le city of Montreal...

My sister's sexy Poofy cat

We spent our long weekend in Montreal and it was quite satisfying. For me anyway since Dave did ALL the driving and we were also accompanied by his dad and uncle who wanted to visit some family so Dave pouted that it was all about us and not him :(  Our time spent in Montreal was short but sweet. Spending most of Sunday indoors protected from the cold in my sister's apartment just felt so right. I always try to squeeze in so many activities during our trips which ends up being fun but so exhausting. This time, I took it relaxed and enjoyed all of it. I even got to watch the Beyoncé's documentary which I wouldn't have done back in NY since we do not own a TV!

Highlights of my trip:

First and foremost, I got my work permit renewed so mission (of my trip) accomplished. We left New York on Saturday morning. By noon, we crossed the border into Canada and then back into the US to apply for my visa and back into Canada again to finally head towards Montreal.
I stayed with my sister's as always, where two cats and a dog entertained me all day and night. The white long haired Persian is my sister's first cat and his name is Poofy. He's so pretty as you can see in the pictures I took on Instagram. He also likes to chase David and play bite him. In one of the pictures, you can see Poofy waiting for Dave to open the door so he can continue playing with him. On Sunday, after brunch at Evoo, I showed my sister and B how I make caramel popcorn and we ate that while I flipped through bridal magazines and talked about...weddings!
We left early Monday morning and bought some food for the trip home. I picked up a Foumagerie salad which I looooove and also stopped by Chinatown to get some of my favorite Vietnamese sandwiches. I also went to IGA to get some Ketchup chips and a bag of Fairmount bagels. The only thing I didn't eat this time was poutine! On our way back to New York, we stopped by Schroon Lake and Dave was so happy to be walking on the icey lake.


Waiting to play

Poofy cannodling me

Evoo's 'The Full Irish' dish

Caramel popcorn

Schroon Lake

Foumagerie salad from Westmount for our road trip meal

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In pictures: Morgane Le Fay sample sale...The bridal stuff.

I went to the Morgane Le Fay sample sale after work today after reading about it on Sample Sally. I was hoping to snag a cheapo wedding dress for the Summer under $100! I needed something light, flowy, silky and non-traditional and Morgane Le Fay's sale answered my tiny prayers. There was three racks full of bridal dresses, tops and bottoms. It was hard to find dresses in my size (lots of medium and large and only a few small or X-small) and many delicate silk dresses had snags so look out for that if you care. Maybe the selection was already picked through from this morning but there seemed to be plenty more in the clothing department which was filled with dresses, trench coats, dresses and coats all organized by color but not by size.

Founded in 1982, Morgane Le Fay is a company rooted in New York's Soho.

Morgane Le Fay sample sale: Something special and feathery for $1440

Monday, February 18, 2013

My bag!

Proenza Schouler lizard bag - Photo via 

It's always fun to see someone stylish own the same stuff as you..naturally wear it better! Did she pay $4250 for the bag or get it cheap like I did at the Proenza Schouler sale? :)

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Oh my...Hare + Hart online sample sale @ofakind

Hare + Hart
Read more..

happy valentine's day...

(oops, i meant to post this last night :)

I hope that on this Valentine's day, know that you are loved and love your loved ones back. It is all that matters! Single or not, just remember that someone loves you and smile :)



P.S. Tonight, Dave fed me so so so well...Wine, fish, oysters, steak, lobster was had... He worked so hard shucking those fresh oysters with a screwdriver and even got a little surprise.... a little living crab!  Dave knows the way to my heart is good food  :)

Fresh salmon and Ikura, my favorites!

Oysters galore

What's that?! A baby crab.

Lobster tails


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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Concert at Madison Square Garden: Passion Pit featuring Matt and Kim and Icona Pop

Matt and Kim / Icona Pop MSG
Amidst the snow storm last Friday, we headed to Madison Square Garden to see Passion Pit, Matt and Kim and Icona Pop. I'm glad we didn't wuss out like certain whiners on facebook. ahum. As the concert progressed, the stadium filled up slowly and it seemed that NEMO did not deter the fans away. This was one of the most fun concert I have ever been to in a while. During the show, I did a lot of singing, jumping and dancing...I love it! What a good line up...Icona Pop opened the show with three songs including yes, 'I Love it'. The song was featured on 'Girls' a few episodes ago which spiked the popularity of this song again. They were followed by Matt and Kim who ROCKED the house down and finally Passion Pit. The stage had moving balls of different sizes moving up and down and confetti ending was so much fun! Passion Pit did one encore where they went straight to 'Sleepyhead' and the crowd went wild! See my video below and don't mind the singing and screaming!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

At home...we eat

Before dinner, you put stuff in your belly to open your apetite for the main course....

Sweetest blueberries I've had all year
The sweetest blueberries totally worth the line up at Trader Joe's... Bought 24 oz and ate them all in a couple of day!

Pate from d'Artagnan and pita chips
my comfort food

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

An hour at Refinery 29...

Earlier this week, I got a peek inside Refinery29 headquarters when I had the chance to stop by and chat with an user experience researcher who wanted to know about my experience using R29's website. I was really excited just being able to step into the offices and feel the ambiance of a successful running independent website featuring the latest trends, quirky stories, breaking fashion news, lifestyle reports, shopping and alot more! It got real when I saw the recognizable R29 wooden blocks sitting pretty at the right of the entrance when you get out of the elevators. It was just a little bit past 6 p.m. and it seemed like everyone was still working hard, typing away on their iMacs. I wish I could have asked each and every person in that room what they contributed to the website I read on a daily basis. These pictures I took of the office will soon be just a faded memory since R29 will be moving to a new location! Somewhere bigger and better for sure! Will they take the R29 blocks with them?!

Refinery29 office

Me at Refinery29

Refinery 29 offices

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I tried on an Alexander McQueen dress and I want to talk about it

How does a $10,000 Alexander McQueen dress feel like? Euh...What about on sale for $3784 + taxes? Ummm....

I am now shopping for a dress/gown to wear on the day of my wedding reception which will not be the same day as the day we official wed (date unsettled as of now but will be during late Summer) and my dress won't be white nor puffy. Since I won't be spending thousands on a gown nor a wedding, I am splurging on a designer dress and there is no budget for it so far. Ever since I decided that I won't be wearing a white wedding dress for my wedding, the first website I have stalked was Alexander McQueen. I want to marry in an Alexander McQueen dress just like Kate Middleton (minus the custom deisgn, hand-sewn lace and veil)-  I chanted in my brain. Anyway, I wasn't too impressed with the gowns selection online so I thought there would be more offerings in-store. (The sales associate told me that there is in fact more things on the website. However, the dress I tried on was actually NOT on the website. I wanted to say HA! to his face but refrained myself and just glad I made it to the store and was being helped and not ignored).  I went to the Alexander McQueen store in the Meatpacking district. It's only a 20 minutes subway ride away from our place so I don't know why I check it out earlier. We were actually at a gin tasting event before that and had one too many drinks. Slightly tipsy we went to shop and joked that Dave was tipsy enough to whip out his credit card to help by my dream dress at Alexander McQueen. That, fortunately for him, did not happen.

Well, seeing the dresses in person definitely is better and I decided to try on this one gown that was on sale. The other dresses, on sale or not, didn't fit what I was looking for. The dress I tried on I knew right away was too dark but it was one of the few long dresses in the store so I decided to give it a twirl. It's a drapey deep Aubergine dress and I really liked the color on me. When I put it on, it looked good. When I put on a pair of McQueen heels to give me height (gosh they are tall but comfy!), it looked better. When the sales guy pinned me up from the back to make the dress fit me better, it looked great! When I stepped out of the fitting room and into natural light, I was a goddess (in my mind). The Grecian style dress did lack a wow factor for me but I thought it suited me really well. It flowed nicely, the material was heavy which I liked and the intricate embroidery by the collar and strap was a super nice touch! You can definitely feel the difference in quality in a luxe designer dress versus a dress from say...H&M to pick an example from the other end of the spectrum. But was it worth $4000 (or even $10,000). I don't think so. Remind you we found a beautiful $16,000 Vera Wang wedding dress sold for $3,600 at the last sample sale.

Perks about this dress? It's not tight so I can eat all I want and even have a baby bump without anyone noticing! I AM NOT PREGNANT but IF I had a "bump" from over-eating or something :) during the reception, it will be barely noticeable. I like that! No diet necessary!

Anyway, when I tried on the dress, the sale was on for only one more day so it was too little time for me to decide on it. Even after a 60% discount, it's still a lot of money. If it was $1000, I would maybe have gotten it. Maybe. I don't know. I just want to own a McQueen dress :) Do they have sample sales?!

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Monday, February 4, 2013

nykeiko eats: Flushing NYC eats- Biáng! ..from the people that brought you Xi'An Famous foods!

Biáng! on 4-10 Main Street in Flushing

The same owners that brought you  Xi'An famous food (made popular from visits by Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern) in New York have opened a new restaurant called Biáng! which has a liquor license and everything to serve some finer authentic populat street foods (they serve Liang Pi cold skin noodles!!) from the city of Xi'An. What I was most surprised about was they served a famous local staple food from Xi'An called Biáng Biáng noodles which I have only tasted in Xi'An before. But now, I can get some here in New York! Godamn! If you love cumin then this is the place to go to. Your hair and clothes will also hold cumin stench after you leave so you can remember your meal for a couple of hours (or days)!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Freemans Sporting Club 2013 sample sale. For the boys!

Freeman's Sporting Club sample sale haul 
Dave asked me what we were doing today but I had no plans in mind. He then asked me (to my wondrous surprise) if there were any sample sales going on in town. (!!!). So I take a look at RackedNY's weekend shopping report to remind me what sales were going on and he was in luck, a men's only sample sale at Freemans Sporting Club. A sample sale I had no real interest in when I first read about it. I actually was not sure what the store/brand was until Dave kindly reminded me that it was where we had one of our first dates when I first came to visit him in NY. He took me to brunch at Freemans (not the store) and we checked out the store right next door afterwards which was Freemans Sporting Club attached to an old school barber shop! I was like, oh yeaaa that store, cool, okay! So I went over Sample Sally's to see her reported price list and saw denims were on sale which is just what Dave was looking for. The holes in his last good pair of jeans are getting bigger and its getting drafty down there. So out we went to the LES and Dave bought himself a pair of dark indigo denim and sneakers. The jeans are 100% cotton so they feel kind of rough and rigid but he didn't mind that and eventually he'll break them in. They are made a little bit small so he got one size bigger than usual. I made him look at the shoes selection even if he wasn't interested (he only buys what he needs) but they were only $15 (reg. $60) We first had our eyes on a plain pair of black lace ups (Sumfun Lo style) from PF Flyers because they were the only small size (size 8) left on the shop floor but then Dave spotted shoes behind the cashier where a lone size 9 yellow PF Flyers Windjammers was left. He tried them on, I thought they looked cute and so he got them. Perfect Spring and Summer shoe. There were lots of size 10-11. The other stuff at the sale weren't interesting. Not to me anyway. I thought there were these really well made and nicely tailored cotton khaki pants that were worth trying on for at $50. It's not Dave's style but I thought they looked good and the material was of good quality, thick and sturdy and made in the USA like everything else in the store except the shoes. Other stuff were hard to shop as they were mostly stacked in bins and it was hard to maneuver around the small store. The $5 espadrilles were all large sizes and there were tons of $5 flip flops similar to ones you can find at Old Navy where it is 2 for $5 :) There seems to be tons of stocks in shirts and outerwear which is worth a look if you're interested! We then stopped by the retail store next door to see what we "scored" and denims were priced at $200-$300! But Dave surprised me once more, and told me that $50 is the most he has spent on jeans! Gasp....Now you know (and I know) why he doesn't comprehend my shopping habits?

Freeman's Sports Club sample sale price list day 2

I would have gotten that duffel bag if it was $10

Freeman's Sports Club February 2013 sample sale price list day 2

Dave being reminded that sample sales are not only fun for women but men can "score" too :)

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