Thursday, February 21, 2013

A weekend in le city of Montreal...

My sister's sexy Poofy cat

We spent our long weekend in Montreal and it was quite satisfying. For me anyway since Dave did ALL the driving and we were also accompanied by his dad and uncle who wanted to visit some family so Dave pouted that it was all about us and not him :(  Our time spent in Montreal was short but sweet. Spending most of Sunday indoors protected from the cold in my sister's apartment just felt so right. I always try to squeeze in so many activities during our trips which ends up being fun but so exhausting. This time, I took it relaxed and enjoyed all of it. I even got to watch the Beyoncé's documentary which I wouldn't have done back in NY since we do not own a TV!

Highlights of my trip:

First and foremost, I got my work permit renewed so mission (of my trip) accomplished. We left New York on Saturday morning. By noon, we crossed the border into Canada and then back into the US to apply for my visa and back into Canada again to finally head towards Montreal.
I stayed with my sister's as always, where two cats and a dog entertained me all day and night. The white long haired Persian is my sister's first cat and his name is Poofy. He's so pretty as you can see in the pictures I took on Instagram. He also likes to chase David and play bite him. In one of the pictures, you can see Poofy waiting for Dave to open the door so he can continue playing with him. On Sunday, after brunch at Evoo, I showed my sister and B how I make caramel popcorn and we ate that while I flipped through bridal magazines and talked about...weddings!
We left early Monday morning and bought some food for the trip home. I picked up a Foumagerie salad which I looooove and also stopped by Chinatown to get some of my favorite Vietnamese sandwiches. I also went to IGA to get some Ketchup chips and a bag of Fairmount bagels. The only thing I didn't eat this time was poutine! On our way back to New York, we stopped by Schroon Lake and Dave was so happy to be walking on the icey lake.


Waiting to play

Poofy cannodling me

Evoo's 'The Full Irish' dish

Caramel popcorn

Schroon Lake

Foumagerie salad from Westmount for our road trip meal

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