Thursday, February 7, 2013

An hour at Refinery 29...

Earlier this week, I got a peek inside Refinery29 headquarters when I had the chance to stop by and chat with an user experience researcher who wanted to know about my experience using R29's website. I was really excited just being able to step into the offices and feel the ambiance of a successful running independent website featuring the latest trends, quirky stories, breaking fashion news, lifestyle reports, shopping and alot more! It got real when I saw the recognizable R29 wooden blocks sitting pretty at the right of the entrance when you get out of the elevators. It was just a little bit past 6 p.m. and it seemed like everyone was still working hard, typing away on their iMacs. I wish I could have asked each and every person in that room what they contributed to the website I read on a daily basis. These pictures I took of the office will soon be just a faded memory since R29 will be moving to a new location! Somewhere bigger and better for sure! Will they take the R29 blocks with them?!

Refinery29 office

Me at Refinery29

Refinery 29 offices

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