Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Concert at Madison Square Garden: Passion Pit featuring Matt and Kim and Icona Pop

Matt and Kim / Icona Pop MSG
Amidst the snow storm last Friday, we headed to Madison Square Garden to see Passion Pit, Matt and Kim and Icona Pop. I'm glad we didn't wuss out like certain whiners on facebook. ahum. As the concert progressed, the stadium filled up slowly and it seemed that NEMO did not deter the fans away. This was one of the most fun concert I have ever been to in a while. During the show, I did a lot of singing, jumping and dancing...I love it! What a good line up...Icona Pop opened the show with three songs including yes, 'I Love it'. The song was featured on 'Girls' a few episodes ago which spiked the popularity of this song again. They were followed by Matt and Kim who ROCKED the house down and finally Passion Pit. The stage had moving balls of different sizes moving up and down and confetti ending was so much fun! Passion Pit did one encore where they went straight to 'Sleepyhead' and the crowd went wild! See my video below and don't mind the singing and screaming!

Let's blind a few people shall we? @MattandKim

Passion Pit @MSG

Passion Pit at Madison Square Garden

The crowd dissipates

"I'm a 90s bitch" Memorabilia 

We came out of Madison Square Garden and #Nemo greeted us beautifully!

Madison Square Garden 

Everyone towards K town?

And a little about the fashionable that night...

Was there a dress code I didn't know about? Plaid day? I have about 30 more pictures but I didn't post.
I spot 5 plaid lads

Almost matching

5 lads in plaid

A girl in plaid

4 lads in plaid in close proximity

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