Monday, February 4, 2013

nykeiko eats: Flushing NYC eats- Biáng! ..from the people that brought you Xi'An Famous foods!

Biáng! on 4-10 Main Street in Flushing

The same owners that brought you  Xi'An famous food (made popular from visits by Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern) in New York have opened a new restaurant called Biáng! which has a liquor license and everything to serve some finer authentic populat street foods (they serve Liang Pi cold skin noodles!!) from the city of Xi'An. What I was most surprised about was they served a famous local staple food from Xi'An called Biáng Biáng noodles which I have only tasted in Xi'An before. But now, I can get some here in New York! Godamn! If you love cumin then this is the place to go to. Your hair and clothes will also hold cumin stench after you leave so you can remember your meal for a couple of hours (or days)!

Biáng restaurant in Flushing
Everything on the menu is spicy but good thing you get to choose the level of spice you want. I normally would go for spicy but I know that at Xi'An famous foods, they do not skimp out on the spice so I wussed out and got medium spicy for my noodles which still made me sweat like a godamn pig. We got the skewers in super spicy which was tolerable and good. We got a cold beer to help cool the spiciness but so you know, it's BYOB so you don't have to pay $5 for a bottle of Taiwan beer :)

 Chicken heart skewers and lamb meat skewers (Between $2.50-$4.50)

Spicy cucumber salad with garlic and chili oil
 Help chill your spicy mouth with some spicy cucumber salad. I am currently salivating while typing thinking about the spiciness.

A nice cold beer to help cool our mouths from the hot dishes

Oxtail Biáng Biáng noodles soup and Spicy lamb cumin Biáng Biáng noodles. You can always add $1.50 to any noodle dish to make it a hot soupy noodle dish.

Biáng Biáng noodles in Flushing

When I visited Xi'An for the first time last year, we saw the word Biáng Biáng almost everywhere on the streets since it is a very popular handmade noodle dish in the province of Shanxi in China. This type of noodles was a staple food for the poor living in the countryside but it is now served everywhere in Shanxi.  I never thought that I'd see this word again outside of Xi'an as it was the only place I have ever seen this word. It is composed of 58 strokes and a rare and weird Chinese character which most Chinese people cannot read or recognize at first if they are not from the province!

I took this in Xi'an when we first entered the city. 
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