Sunday, February 10, 2013

In pictures: Prabal Gurung for Target at Brooklyn's Atlantic Terminal

Prabal Gurung for Target

We were at an open house around Park slope and decided to walk North to wander around for a bit. As we walked towards Atlantic Terminal and the sight of Target was near, I remembered Prabal Gurung's collab was today! I woke up late this morning so missed all the action (not that I had any plans to check out a Target store early in the morning neither), checked out the collection online and did not make any purchases because from what I learned from Jason Wu's collab with Target, not every piece online appears as they are in person. Since I happen to be there, I dragged Dave inside Target where he held my coffee as I checked out the remaining items. It was around 3 p.m. so there was definitely no crowd but still a flock of ladies grabbing pieces here and there. I was interested in the floral shorts which there was only two left in size 16. There were tons of color block sweater and cardigans and even the dresses were still plentiful. When I walked away, I realized that I didn't see accessories nor shoes so I went back into the store to ask an employee. One told me that NO accessories actually came in the store today and only 4 styles of shoes were available! When I went to take a peek at the shoes, there were only a couple of size left but there were still some stock in popular size 7s in the Nolita print pumps and red sandals. The strappy black heels were available in size 8 and 9. But the strappy sandals in red, black, blue and sulphur were not there.

The prices were really attractive but I'm glad I saw the stuff in person and decided not to get one thing.  Those floral shorts were nice though but I guess that's why there were sold out. The pointy toe Nolita print pumps I liked and still plenty of size 7s left. I was a little silly though. I was too lazy to take off my boots to try them on but another girl did and I really liked them on her. Since Dave was waiting for me and there was a long line at the cashiers, I decided that I'd just buy them online and hope the 7s will fit me right.

There were no restocking for today as they said everything they have is on the floor right now. From what I can see, less than half of the collection was available just because there was no love to ship all the styles to this Target!

Prabal Gurung for

Prabal Gurung for Target: These were unpopular as there are plenty of size S left

Prabal Gurung for Target: Peplum top only available in stores.

Prabal Gurung for Target: Tank tops are a plenty

Prabal Gurung for Target: lace shirts

No size S in these ones but plenty in M and L

Prabal Gurung for Target: lots of red dresses

Prabal Gurung for Target: $200 leather jacket Prabal Gurung in XS

Prabal Gurung for Target: These skirts were well-stocked

Prabal Gurung for Target: multi print shirt

Prabal Gurung for Target

Prabal Gurung for Target: 4 styles of shoes were available

Prabal Gurung for Target: Appropriate for Chinese New Year!

Prabal Gurung for Target: Lot sof size 7s in the Nolita prints

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